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MOST of us have been caught short by cabin crew at the boarding gate, who have to check hand luggage into the hold because they've run out of space in the overhead lockers.

But that could soon be a thing of the past, thanks to a simple new design from aircraft manufacturer Airbus that has re-imagined the overhead locker.

Now, instead of a small cramped overhead bin, passengers will have access to a large luggage compartment that their bags will be able to stand up vertically in, allowing much more to be stored in the cabin.

Originally, the overheads were not designed for wheelie suitcases, meaning passengers have to lay them down horizontally to get them in there.

Doing so takes up a lot of space and prevents others from getting their bags in there too, creating a real battle of overhead space.

But now the new bins, known as "Airspace L Bins,” could completely remove the need for such squabbles.

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The lockers are designed to be retrofitted in three to five days and Airbus promise that they will create 60 per cent more luggage space than before.

Airbus Head of Commercial Services Europe Charbel Youzkatli said in a press release: “We know from talking with airline customers that bigger bins are a clear need to enhance the passenger experience.

"The L Bins provide more space with the added advantage of a plug and play retrofit."

Last month Lufthansa announced it would be the first airline to fit the L Bins, which will be in all of their A320s from January 2025.

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Charbel continued: "We are thrilled to see Lufthansa as the first to offer the L Bins to its passengers and to reap the efficiency benefits it brings to aircraft turnarounds.”

Once fitted, the new L Bins will be able to fit bags that are 61cm (height) x 38cm (width) x 25cm (depth).

They will be made by EFW (Elbe Flugzeugwerke GmbH), whose CEO Jordi Boto said: "Our team was collaborating closely with the Airbus design team to offer a well-fitting, cost-efficient and sustainable product."

Until the bins are fitted on all planes, passengers will have to stick to strict overhead bin etiquette to ensure everyone gets their luggage stowed properly.

Travel Editor Lindsay Rogers told Inside Hook, that nobody is entitled to overhead space and that the bins work on a first-come, first-served basis and that moving other people's bags is never okay.

She said: "Overhead storage is available on a first-come, first-served basis. That’s true across most carriers.

"It may be annoying, particularly when someone has room above their own seat and still, for reasons unclear, has opted for yours…you aren’t entitled to anything.

"It is never, ever okay to move someone else’s bag. While you’re always welcome to ask the closest flight attendant for help, 'no touch' is generally a good rule of thumb to follow."

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