I booked a whirlwind day trip to Italy for £100 – it included flights, food and even a spa | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed that she flew to Italy for the day – and she said it was cheaper than a day out in London.

She shared her journey on TikTok after she decided to spend her day off at a spa in Italy with her mum and sister.

Yasmine Polson, who is known as yaasminnex on the social media platform, posted a video of her and her family flying from Gatwick Airport to Milan Malpensa.

A caption over the video read: "You didn't know what to do with your day off in the UK, so you booked a £30 flight to Milan."

The footage then showed Yasmine and her family walking through the London airport before boarding their flight to Italy.

After they touched down in Milan, they headed to QC Termemilano – an Italian spa with 27 different wellness rooms.

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Entry tickets to the spa cost £55 per person and include spa access, a robe, a towel, a pair of slippers as well as some drinks and snacks.

Despite being the biggest outlay of their day trip to Milan, this was their only activity.

Yasmine told Kennedy News Media: "There are about 27 different wellness rooms [at the spa], including different types of immersive saunas and steam rooms.

"There's these outdoor pools that are really nice. You feel like you're in Ancient Rome. so we just spent time in there relaxing.

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"There are indoor pools, kind of like a tunnel, which are quite cool."

In the comments of her video, which has had more than 270,000 views, Yasmine clarified some of her spending costs.

Her return flights and spa cost £85 for both, while a return ticket to Milan city centre from the airport cost £17.

This meant Yasmine and her family each spent £102 on their Italian day trip.

Yasmine explained: "I just wasn't sure what I wanted to do [on my day off], and I didn't want to just sit at home, so I checked Skyscanner and saw there was a cheap flight and thought, why not?"

While Yasmine's work colleagues were shocked at her day trip, they were also inspired by her adventure.

She added: "Just to get from Croydon to London and back is £10, and to go out of London would be £30.

"It's 100 per cent cheaper to go to Milan than it is to spend a day out in London."

"I would definitely advise other people to do it, we met a couple who actually did the same thing, they were on the flight with us in the morning and came back with us in the evening.

"It was an easy day, and a really luxurious spa and I'm not quite sure why it's so cheap, but hopefully it stays that cheap."

Both Ryanair and easyJet operate direct flights to Milan from the UK with prices starting at £15 for a one-way ticket.

Earlier this year, another woman flew to Pisa for the day after she decided to live out one of her lifelong dreams of seeing the Leaning Tower.

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Brits have also flown to other parts of Europe for a day trip including Ibiza and Majorca.

Meanwhile, earlier this year, a British woman revealed how she spent just £23 flying to Lanzarote for the day – and even managed to fit in some cocktails on the beach.

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