Woman shares ‘traumatic’ way she found out she has two vaginas

The woman with two vaginas revealed the "traumatic" way she found out about her 'rare' anatomy.

Evelyn Miller, 31, from Australia, was born with uterus didelphys โ€“ which is a condition where women have two completely separate reproductive systems. So that means the beauty has two separate vaginas, two cervixes, two uteruses, and one ovary on each set.

And, yes, the married mum-of-two can have sex with both of her vaginas โ€“ and get pregnant with both of her reproductive systems. She's now shed some light on how she discovered the condition and how it was a "relief" to do so.

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"So I always knew there was something really wrong with me when I was younger," Evelyn explained. "I got my period and tampons never worked for me. I used to remember telling my mom that they're not working, it's not working.

"Then sex felt really, really strange for me. Every single time I had sex, obviously, because my vaginas angle outwards, they both feel very different for me and I couldn't really figure out what was going on.

"Occasionally, the guy would like hit the wall in between them and we would just fill out what was out."

It wasn't until that Evelyn got pregnant that the issues she had started to unravel. A then 20-year-old Evelyn decided to get a termination โ€“ but it didn't quite go to plan at first.

She continued: "So I knew something was wrong, but I actually didn't find out until I was about 20. I felt pregnant and I decided to have a termination.

"I went for the termination after that huge deliberation that I had to go through and woke up in recovery and they told me I was still pregnant and that I had two vaginas and that I would have to go through another termination because it was in the other side.

"So it was pretty traumatic way of finding out, but it was also a relief to finally find out."

And it's costly having two vaginas as Evelyn goes through "double the amount of tampons" every month.

She shared that she gets two periods and that "one usually lasts slightly longer than the other" so she has to "stagger" her use of tampons, as when they expand next to each other, it can cause her pain.

The mum-of-two shared that when she had her children, doctors decided that the safest way would be for them to be born by C-section โ€“ which was "quite traumatic" for both Evelyn and the baby.

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