Woman, 'Husbands' & Uncle Practicing 'Witchcraft, Satanism, & Vikingism' Arrested Over Horrific Accusations

The victim was allegedly invited to be part of a polyamorous relationship with the woman and her three husbands — before being told they were a sex slave and presented a puppy as a "sacrifice to the gods."

A Louisiana woman, her “husbands” and her uncle have all been arrested after some pretty graphic accusations from an alleged victim who says they were invited into the woman’s polyamorous relationship.

Hannah Frisby (top left), 29, has been charged with first-degree rape, ritualistic acts, and aggravated battery, while two of her three husbands and her uncle have been charged with aggravated battery. One of the husbands is also facing charges of first-degree rape.

According to arrest records (via KNOE), the victim said they were in a polyamorous relationship with Frisby and husbands Caleb Frisby (top right), Justin Cowart (bottom left) and a third man who has not yet been charged. In order to be part of the relationship, the victim had to move in with the rest of them, as Frisby said she “does not do long-distance.”

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The victim claimed they were also told to denounce Christianity, as Frisby was a Wicca who practiced witchcraft, Caleb was a satanist and James subscribed to “vikingism.”

The victim, who reportedly has both autism and ADHD, told authorities they were punished after self-harming a couple weeks into the relationship and was forced to sit in scalding hot water while scrubbing themselves with bleach-covered brushes in front of everyone to rid their body of “evil spirits.”

The abusive behavior allegedly intensified from there, with the victim claiming Frisby also presented them with a puppy as a “sacrifice to the gods” while holding a knife to the dog’s chest. It’s unclear at this time whether the dog was actually killed.

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Frisby also allegedly abused and sexually assaulted the victim if she didn’t have sex with the husbands, with the victim claiming they were told they were “nothing more than a slave” who needed to help them reproduce to “move up ranks.” Frisby’s uncle, Tommy Allen (bottom right), also allegedly abused the victim; he too was arrested and charged with aggravated battery

Authorities became aware of the situation when, on September 21, the victim’s sister visited the home and was asked “How is Freddy?” by their sibling; the question was apparently a safe phrase used to alert the sister they were in trouble. The victim then wrote a message in a notebook reading, “Help me. They won’t let me leave. They beat me every day like a slave.”

Deputies arrived later that same day and did a welfare check; following an investigation, the four suspects were arrested on Thursday, December 14.

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, contact the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673) or go to rainn.org.

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