Woman fed up with dating apps swept off her feet after using this sign

I tried to find my future husband by taking to the streets with a bold sign – I was swept off my feet

  • Karolina Getis sparked reactions as she paraded her trusty sign in New York City
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In the age of online dating, it can feel like you are in an endless whirlwind of swiping on potential candidates in the hopes you may connect with at least one.

But now a woman fed up of the endless swiping of online dating took to the streets of New York City with a rom-com approach – and she may have found the one.

Karolina Getis, 29, who felt dating apps were a waste of time, decided to take matters into her own hands by strutting through the Big Apple with a sign that read: ‘Looking for a husband.’

The model ignited a range of emotions from laughter to intrigue while she paraded her sign in a stylish multi-colored top and jeans on September 4.

In the TikTok video one man with a Cheshire cat grin can be seen waving at the influencer, while another was lugged away by his partner. 

Karolina Getis, 29, (pictured) decided to strut her stuff on the streets of New York in the pursuit of finding her potential future husband

But regardless of how bold Ms Getis’ methods are, they were not done in vain, as she revealed she is still in contact with a man who literally swept her off her feet. 

She told The Independent: ‘One guy at the end saw the sign and came and picked me up.’

‘I’m now in touch with him and we’re chatting with each other – we’ll see what happens in the future.’

Ms Getis said re-watching the reactions of onlookers is the funniest part about the stunt, which she has done multiple times.

She explained that she does not witness looks on people’s faces first-hand because her view is obstructed by the sign. 

Elaborating on why she does the daring antic, the New York model said people’s reactions were overwhelmingly positive.

She said she ‘loves doing it’ because it helps her ‘get out of her comfort zone’. 

The adventurous idea came to the 29-year-old after a conversation about dating apps with her friends, touching on how ‘difficult’ forming a connection is nowadays.

She then jibbed with pals that she would venture into the streets with the sign, which she now has gone on to do in multiple videos. 

The model (pictured) took the daring plunge after becoming fed up with dating apps. But her daring antics have not gone to waste as one man quite literally swept her off her feet – and they are still in touch

However, the model doesn’t only take to the streets of the major US city in a bid to find love. 

She has previously strutted through the Big Apple with her faithful sign in order to obtain a myriad items, including money for Cartier and Chanel.

She stated: ‘If you ask correctly, everything will come to you and if you need something, just make a sign.’

The TikToker also divulged that showcasing the sign claiming she needed money for Chanel outside the luxury store, was her favorite stunt.

She admitted that members of the public had given her money to buy items from the luxury designer brand.

She revealed she is using the money to save for Chanel and a Birkin bag.

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