U.K. Writers Guild Celebrates ‘Extraordinary Show of Solidarity’ as WGA Reaches Tentative Deal to End Strike

The Writers Guild of Great Britain has issued a statement congratulating the WGA after a tentative agreement was reached with the AMPTP on Sunday night.

In a post on the WGGB’s website on Monday morning, chair Lisa Holdsworth wrote: “In the past 146 days we’ve seen an extraordinary show of solidarity from writers and their union siblings on both sides of the Atlantic, and indeed around the world. We’ve been overwhelmed by the response of our own membership in standing with their striking colleagues overseas – you have followed the WGA strike rules to the letter, turned out to the WGGB protest in London in the summer and sent a tsunami of support on social media. Some of you have even joined picket lines in the States.”

Holdsworth continued, “Your solidarity has counted and your voice has been heard – both by the Writers Guild of America and their members but also by the streamers, studios and producers who have witnessed this global display of collective action and have – finally – listened.”

As long as the new, three-year contract is ratified in the coming days, the nearly five-month writers strike will come to an end. This gives renewed hope that actors’ union SAG-AFTRA, which remains on strike, will soon reach a tentative agreement with the AMPTP as well, as Holdsworth hinted at in her note.

“We are also aware of the acute impact the strike is having on the U.K. creative industries, on our own members and members of our sister entertainment unions, too, so we look forward to a speedy resolution to both this strike and that of SAG-AFTRA, to whom we continue to send our solidarity,” Holdsworth said. “We look forward to the details of the WGA deal and its implications for U.K. writers. All writers working for streaming platforms must enjoy decent terms and conditions and the best way to achieve these is through union agreements – our work here will continue.”

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