This skincare brand is recycling your Christmas Quality Street tubs into beauty products

One of the best things about Christmas is settling down in front of a festive film and cracking open the Quality Streets, but once you’ve finished them off, the question remains… what do you do with the tub?

Some people hang onto them and use them as handy storage boxes, whilst others simply toss them in the recycling never to be seen again. That is until you feast your eyes on Müll Club’s latest collaboration with skincare brand Faace, which sees the brands team up to turn last year’s Quality Street tubs into one of the must-have bathroom accessories of the year.

Müll Cluband its founder, Charlie-Rudkin-Wilson, have been turning everyday plastics into beautiful homeware and accessories since 2020, whilstFaacecreates solution-based skincare for faces that are struggling with the everyday effects of life, from tiredness to period skin.

A dynamic duo, no? For this festive season, the pair have created the perfect Christmas gift set, the Müll Club X Faace Quality Soap and Matching Soap Dish, £24 here, which combines two of the brands’ most iconic pieces in one kind-to-the-environment bundle.

The gift set includes one of Faace’s signature Filthy Faace Face and Body Bar, £14 here, and one of Müll Club’s classic Zig Zag Soap Dishes, £16 here, which has been made from the recycled Quality Street Tubs.

The soap dishes are made from the recycled sweet containers and other 100% recycled plastic, with each one saving around 64g (or the equivalent of two large milk bottles and their lids) from entering into the recycling system, landfill or being incinerated. And not only are they doing good, but they look good too.

The special Quality Street Soap Dish, £24 here, is a beautiful lilac and white colour that matches Faace's cleansing bars, with each one having a slightly different pattern and being completely unique, so you can have a one-of-a-kind addition to your bathroom.

Its zigzag design is also perfect for holding your soap above the draining water which keeps it as dry as possible and makes it last so you don’t end up with a gunky puddle every time you go to use it (you know exactly what we mean).

It’s also ideal for holding your Filthy Faace Face and Body Bar, £14 here, and keeping it handy, with the bar containing skin-softening extracts and oils that are worthy of any luxury cleanser, whilst it’s container-free design means there’s no waste heading into your recycling bin.

It might say face (or Faace) on the packaging, but it's not just your complexion that can benefit from it, as the bar can be used from head to toe so your entire body can enjoy feeling softer and more hydrated.

Faace Founder, Jasmine Wicks-Stephens, said: “Our Filthy Faace handmade, vegan face and body bar has found its ideal home in Müll Club’s soap dish, and we’re super excited that Charlie has managed to create the perfect marble match using Quality Street tubs, combined with white plastic lids from everyday beauty products”

You can get the Müll Club X Faace Quality Soap and Matching Soap Dish, £24 here, and every purchase will also see the brands donating a pack of sanitary products to someone in need via social enterprise Hey Girls.

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