Stephen Colbert Shocks Nicki Minaj With Epic Comeback During Late Night Rap Battle

Minaj was gagged after Colbert's comeback, before opening up about how motherhood has changes her during an appearance on The Late Show.

Nicki Minaj may be the Queen of Rap, but Stephen Colbert was the one who made jaws drop with his bars during her appearance on his show last night.

Following the release of her album, Pink Friday 2, Minaj was a guest on The Late Show and opened up about why it took so long for a Pink Friday followup and the story behind the virtual world of Gag City. The pair also checked out some memes in reaction to the album’s cover, before she gave some insight into her writing process.

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“Is there stuff that even at the last minute you couldn’t get on here that you wish you had on here that perhaps you could share with us? Don’t want to put you on the spot,” asked Colbert, before Nicki said that while her album is “a complete perfect thing,” she’s always writing. “

As soon as I hear a beat or I’m hearing music, being inspired, coming outside, yes, I’m always thinking about raps and music, yes,” she explained, before Colbert started to make a beat by pounding his hands on his desk. Or at least attempted to.

“That’s definitely not the one I taught you last time,” said his unimpressed guest, before she said she’d make her own beats and he could “just be entertained.”

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“I only had 2 seconds to make this up, so it only has two lines. It’s a song on my album called ‘F the Club Up’ and I changed it to ‘F the Colbert Up,'” said Minaj, before dropping her impromptu rap. “It goes, ‘High heels on for Stevie, if I marry Stevie, he ain’t never gon leave me.’ What do you have to say?”

Without missing a beat, Colbert responded, “High heels or not, Nicki, you better hope you don’t meet my wife Evie!”

Minaj was gagged by his comeback, as Colbert referenced wife of 30 years, Evelyn McGee-Colbert.

“Stephen, do you realize we just battle rapped each other?” exclaimed Nicki, who was surprised by his response because she was”showing you love.” She then made sure to give a shoutout to his wife, who was somewhere in the studio that evening.

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During the appearance, Minaj also opened up about motherhood — saying she was surprised “seeing how much more you could love” after welcoming her son with Kenneth Petty in 2021.

“My life was so selfish before he came here,” she shared. “I could do anything I wanted when I wanted. I could take my phone out for days, I could sleep for days, I could travel whenever I wanted to. And since this little human came onto planet Earth, I can’t do anything without thinking about him first.”

“There’s this thing that happens everyday when I see his face, which is more than anything money could buy in the world, really,” she concluded. “And so, I’m really happy I pushed him out.”

Pink Friday 2 is out now.

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