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SKY offers some of the best streaming options on the market, but do you go for its top-spec TV or its streaming box?

We've compared both devices in this Sky Glass vs Sky Stream head-to-head explainer, helping you choose between the two.

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The way we tune into television is rapidly evolving, and one of the leading providers at the forefront of its innovation is Sky.

In the last two years alone we've seen the release of two new streaming products, the Sky Glass and Sky Stream, making the hugely popular provider more accessible than ever to telly-watchers.

Sky Glass and Sky Stream both work over wi-fi, meaning customers get access to Sky's huge library of entertainment packages without the hassle of a satellite dish or complicated wiring.



Sky is offering 1 month of FREE TV & Netflix to new Sky Glass customers


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So the question is: why should you choose?

In this article, we take a look at both streaming devices to help you choose which will work best for you.

We've delved into everything from cost and installation, to what channels you'll get, and if you'll be able to record your favourite shows.

You can get a detailed verdict on these devices from our Senior Tech and Science Reporter Jamie Harris in his Sky Stream review, and our Tech Editor Sean Keach in his Sky Glass review.

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Sky Glass vs Sky Stream: Differences at a glance

Both of Sky's streaming devices work over wi-fi, but they are in different leagues when it comes to specs.

The major difference between the two are:

  • Sky Glass is an actual TV with a 4K Ultra HD display, Dolby Atmos soundbar and Sky all built-in.
  • Sky Stream is a plug-in device, that gives you access to the same Sky entertainment without a new TV.

While the Glass TV is an impressive piece of kit it's not ideal if you already have a TV you love, in which case Sky Stream will get you access to Sky over Wi-Fi in a compact plug-in box.

Sky Glass vs Sky Stream: Price

Sky Glass and Sky Stream do vary in price slightly when you initially purchase the sets, and as with all Sky packages you can customise your experience with added extras at extra cost.

With Sky Glass, you are also getting a TV set, which starts from £14 per month over a 48-month contract, then you'll pay £26 per month for the Sky Entertainment & Netflix package, with £10 upfront.

But right now Sky is offering 1 month of free TV & Netflix to new Sky Glass customers, so you'll pay £14 for 1 month, and £40 after.

Sky Stream is different as you are just paying for the Sky Entertainment and Netflix package at  £26 per month for an 18-month contract.

If you don't want to be tied into a contract you can opt for the 31-day rolling contract at £29 per month – perfect for those looking to watch one particular show and with the flexibility to cancel any time.

You can also improve the quality on Stream with an optional add-on of UHD and Dolby Atmos for an extra £6 on a 31-day rolling contract.

  • Sky Glass: from £26 per month – buy from Sky
  • Sky Stream: from£14 for 1 month, and £40 after – buy from Sky

Sky Glass vs Sky Stream: Installation and setup

The best part of both devices is how easy they are to install and set up, which is the major driving force behind their development.

Sky's traditional set-up, still in use on the Sky Q model, required a dish, and a professional to come and install the device, usually along with lots of wiring that's hard to get to grips with.

With Sky Glass and Stream that's all gone, all you need is a secure internet connection and you're good to go.

Sky Stream is the easiest of the two: it can be posted to your door and once you've plugged it into your TV and followed the onscreen instructions you're done.

Sky Glass is a little more involved, as you'll need to put the TV together after unboxing.

But it's straightforward, taking under 30 minutes unless you want it wall mounted, which may call for a handyman – but again, follow the onscreen instructions and you're golden.

Sky Glass vs Sky Stream: Can you record?

To cut to the chase, you won't be able to record on either device: there are other similar options, but they are admittedly not as convenient.

Sky Glass and Sky Stream are both streaming devices so, unlike Sky's satellite products, there is no traditional recording function as content can't be downloaded.

Instead, both offer a 'Playlist' feature, which essentially works like a catch-up service, saving content to the cloud until you are ready to watch it.

You can find more about recording in our can you record on Sky Glass?' explainer, where we give you a rundown of what you can and can't do.

This is one of the major disadvantages to Sky Glass and Stream, as content expires and not all content is available to be saved.

This is especially of concern to sports fans, as many of the live events can't be saved due to licencing agreements.

Sky Glass vs Sky Stream: Content and channels

As both devices deliver Sky TV over the internet they offer the same streaming content and channels, which is plentiful.

As standard, you'll get 100 channels that aren't on Freeview, over 500 boxsets, 30,000 shows and the Netflix add-on (with a huge library of content in itself).

You can also add other streaming apps like Disney+ and Amazon Prime, which again provides access to thousands of shows and films.

And what makes Sky so popular is its customisable packages, with add-ons such as Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, or BT Sports, which you can include at extra cost.

Sky Glass vs Sky Stream: Which to choose 

Overall, there's no clear winner between Sky Glass and Sky Stream: both are excellent devices that offer great entertainment packages.

Ultimately, the better product will come down to your needs and expectations. Here's a quick comparison of the two:

Choose the Sky Glass if:

  • You want a top-notch TV
  • You want 4K viewing and Dolby Atmos built-in
  • You don't rely on recording

Choose the Sky Stream if:

  • You already have a decent TV
  • You want the option for a rolling contract
  • You don't rely on recording
  • Sky Glass: from £26 per month – buy from Sky
  • Sky Stream: from£14 for 1 month, and £40 after – buy from Sky

We have also put Sky Stream up against Sky's original offering in our Sky Q vs Sky Stream head-to-head, check it out to find out if Sky Q is better for you.

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