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DESPITE having immense wealth and privileges few could dream of, the world's royal families can't help but find themselves in the middle of salacious scandals.

This week it was claimed Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark was having an affair with Mexican socialite and MasterChef star Genoveva Casanova.

Spanish newspaper Lecturas claimed the married royal and Genoveva spent two hours in her apartment before exiting separately and getting into the same car.

From there it's claimed they went out to a restaurant and watched flamenco dancers until 1am. It comes after they were photographed together at a park and a Pablo Picasso exhibit, in Madrid.

Genoveva has insisted claims of any romance are "malicious" and "categorically" untrue and that the “photos prove nothing” other than them being “friends”. 

The Denmarks haven’t commented on the speculation and it appeared to be business as usual for Frederik and his wife, Crown Princess Mary.



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The claims follow many alleged racy scandals from the world's royal families – here we reveal some of the most shocking.

'Boob jobs for 40-strong harem'

It's claimed Prince Jefri Bolkiah, the brother of the Sultan of Brunei, lives the lifestyle of a Playboy and at one point was spending a whopping £30million a month. 

The so-called “sex-crazed prince” is reported to have three wives and a 40-strong harem comprised of the world’s “sexiest women” – allegedly scouted for him by emissaries.

Jefri also owned a superyacht called 'Tits' that had two smaller boats named 'Nipple 1' and 'Nipple 2'.

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Former harem member Jillian Lauren alleged in her book, Some Girls, that he paid for some of the women to have boob jobs and that he was “always famished behind the eyes”. 

She wrote: "It was the kind of hunger you could never really feed, the kind that keeps you up until five am every night, the kind that drives you to f*** girl after girl, to buy Maserati after Maserati.”

In 1997, former Miss USA Shannon Marketic sued Prince Jefri and the Sultan. She claimed to have been held as a "virtual prisoner", drugged and sexually abused.

Shannon claimed to have accepted a $3,000-a-day job from Jefri carrying out promotional work and public appearances but instead says she was treated like a “sex slave” and had her passport seized.

Shannon, who says she refused to prostitute herself, alleged she was forced to dance every night with multiple women, was groped and was regularly called a “w***e”.  

The royals, who called the allegations “worse than murder”, claimed diplomatic immunity and the case was dropped. 

'5,000 lovers'

Disgraced former King of Spain, Juan Carlos I was alleged to have had 5,000 lovers and such a “rampant sex drive” that it was branded a “state problem”.

Former police commissioner Jose Manuel Villarejo told a parliament hearing that the royal was “injected with female hormones” and given testosterone blockers in a bid to curb his exceptionally high libido. 

Among King Juan’s lovers were said to be Italian Princess Maria Gabriela de Saboya, Belgian governess Liliane Sartiau, Spanish singer Sara Montiel and philanthropist Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn. 

In the 2016 book Juan Carlos: The King Of 5,000 Lovers, it was claimed the royal had hundreds of affairs after marrying Queen Sofia, back in 1962.

He was alleged to have had 62 lovers in six months and during a “passionate period” between 1976 and 1994 slept with 2,154 women. 

In 2017, the Spanish news website OKDIARIO claimed former Miss World Barbara Rey was paid millions to keep silent about an affair with King Juan.

Barbara denied receiving any money from the royal. The Spanish Royal family refused to comment. 

Corinna Zu Sayn-Wittgenstein claimed to be the King's mistress for five years until 2009. Three years later, she reportedly received a £56million "gift" from him.

In 2014, King Juan abdicated after mounting pressure for him to resign over an elephant hunting trip and his daughter’s alleged involvement in an embezzlement scandal.

'Wild stripper sex parties'

For decades, King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden was seen as a model monarch and even changed the law to allow his daughter to succeed him instead of his son. 

But in 2010, a biography painted the royal in a very different light – alleging he participated in “wild sex parties with strippers”, had a long-term affair and frequented a mafia-owned nightclub.

In The Reluctant Monarch, it was claimed King Carl romped with two women at the same time after a successful elk hunt and multiple other women claimed they had slept with him. 

The royal allegedly frequented underground strip clubs, including one with an infamous mafia boss. One club owner claimed to have photos of the King with naked women.

It was also claimed that the Sapo, the Swedish secret service, pressured women with compromising images to surrender them or face “unpleasant things”.

The alleged scandalous behaviour during the Eighties and Nineties were coupled with claims of a long-term affair with Swedish singer Camilla Henemark.

After the book was published, Camilla said she had been advised “not to give any comments” by her lawyer but did not deny any of the claims.

King Carl was alleged to be part of a “royal gang” who frequented “party nights” with “young women and strippers” invited to “please the elite group of powerful men”.

During the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, he was said to have splurged £7,000 at the Gold Club nightclub – including two hours in a room with a stripper. 

King Carl, who has been married to Queen Silvia for 47 years, did not deny the claims nor take any legal action over the book after it was released. 

At a press conference, he said: “I have spoken with my family and the Queen and we choose to turn the page and move forward because, as I understand, these are things that happened a long time ago.”

'20 mistresses' 

Thailand’s King Maha Vajiralongkorn was known as the playboy prince during his younger years and since ruling the country has had an equally colourful love life. 

The monarch, who spends most of his time living in luxury in Bavaria, Germany, has been married four times and is claimed to have had a harem of lovers too. 

During the coronavirus pandemic, King Maha allegedly isolated in the ultra-high-end Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl with 20 mistresses. 

Famously, he jailed his long-term lover Sineenatra Wongvajirapakdi just two months after she was given the title royal consort.

She was sentenced to 10 months imprisonment for “misbehaviour and disloyalty against the monarch” and trying to elevate to the “same state as the queen” in 2019.

After Sineenat’s release in September 2020, her titles and privileges were restored but by the end of the year, she was the victim of an alleged revenge porn attack. 

More than 1,400 selfies – many of which were sexual – were published online in an alleged attack to sabotage her return by anti-royalists.

Denied love child for 51 years

Former King of Belgium Albert II finally admitted to having fathered a child outside of wedlock 52 years after his daughter Delphine Boël was born. 

She is the daughter of Baroness Sybille de Selys Longchamps, whom Albert had an 18-year affair with when he was crown prince.

The royal was said to have maintained contact with the child during her early life but cut contact when she turned 16 in a bid to preserve his marriage. 

When Albert abdicated in 2013 due to health reasons, Delphine launched a legal bid to be formally recognised as his daughter. Seven years later, DNA tests confirmed he was her father.

In February this year, Delphine was seen embracing Albert in a video. She is now recognised as a member of the Belgian royal family, as are her two children.

Quit royal life for Shaman

Märtha Louise, the former Princess of Norway, gave up her royal title to marry a “sixth generation shaman” Durek Verrett last year. 

She pulled away from royal life “to create a clearer dividing line between her business activity” and work with her fiancé who sells alternative medicines. 

Former Prime Minister Erna Solberg branded Durek’s views – including that cancer is a ‘choice’ – as “very strange” and “not very knowledge-based”.

The TV star was accused of being a conman and a ‘scammer’ for selling a “spirit optimiser” medallion that he claimed could help people beat coronavirus. 

In 2007, Märtha attracted criticism for her spiritual practices including claims she was a clairvoyant who could communicate with angels.

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