Princess Kate and Prince William prove that ‘opposites attract’, expert claims

Prince William and Princess Kate couldn’t be more “opposite”, according to a horoscope and astrology expert.

In terms of their star signs, Kate is a Capricorn which means she is “practical and focused,” while William is a Cancer who is “loving and family-minded”.

This is according to the celebrity psychic Inbaal Honigman, who spoke exclusively to Slingo.

She claimed: “William is a Cancer and Kate is a Capricorn, and those signs are the perfect case of opposites attract.

“Cancer is loving and family-minded, and Capricorn is practical and focused.”

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Ms Honigman explained how William and Kate’s differences manifest in their day-to-day lives.

She added: “So when no one can find the keys to the patio door, Capricorn will do it, and when the children want an extra bedtime story and cuddle, that’s the Cancerian’s job.

“There’s a lovely compatibility there. In addition, their compatibility goes deeper – within the rest of their chart.”

William and Kate’s Moon and Rising signs give further explanations for their compatibility, according to Ms Honigman.

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She clarified: “Both William and Kate have their moon in Cancer. The moon rules emotions and dreams in a person’s chart, and Cancer is a very romantic sign.

“For both of them to share this placement, means that they have the same love language, and share their joy in nurturing one another, raising their family and supporting charitable endeavours.

“They also both have fiery ascendant signs. William’s rising sign is adventurous Sagittarius, and Kate’s rising sign is powerful Leo.

“So they’d both have a spontaneous side to their personality and will feel excited to make last-minute decisions and have lots of fun together.”

Ms Honigman also shed light on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s astrological compatibility: “Harry and Meghan’s astrological signs are sensible Virgo for him and powerful Leo for her. Virgos accept people as they are, they don’t judge and don’t try to change the other person, so all signs are kind of compatible with Virgo.

“If a Virgo loves you, they’ll gladly fit their lives around yours – as long as the numbers add up.

“This sheds a lot of light on the joint decisions of the Sussexes, since Meghan as the fiery Leo would make impulsive decisions, and Harry would calculate the risks and opportunities, and if he can see a logical reason to take a particular step, he’ll get on board.

“Virgos make practical parents, valuing education and common sense, whereas Leo parents look to encourage and inspire the next generation. Together they’re a strong couple that thrive on their differences, rather than worry.”

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