People refuse to eat breakfast eggs after seeing how they're made

People are refusing to eat hotel breakfast eggs after finding out how they’re made

  • Video shows the ‘nasty’ way scrambled eggs are prepared in a hotel kitchen 
  • Viewers were disgusted to learn their eggs weren’t made from scratch
  • Others were quick to point out that not all hotels use this cooking method

A user on TikTok has given more than 20 million people a reason to turn their noses up at their next hotel breakfast – specifically the eggs.

Trecy La Cayenne posted a video from an unknown hotel kitchen showing a cook making ‘fake’ scrambled eggs from a plastic bag. 

The cook is shown pulling the blue bag, containing pre-made eggs, from the freezer and poking holes in it with a bread knife.

It is then put in a microwave for an unknown amount of time, before being transferred to the oven, then being broken down and eventually finding its way into a serving container. 

‘This is soo nasty,’ Trecy writes in the video caption.

‘Unless its fresh don’t eat it.’

Scrambled eggs is a popular breakfast dish served at hotels around the world

Unless its fresh dont eat it 🤢 #HAIRFOODHYPE #SageTellMe #maxplumpjump

Some users were quick to point out that many hotels make their scrambled eggs from scratch 

Users debated this style of preparing scrambled eggs, with many saying they would never eat breakfast in that hotel.

‘What hotel is this so I never eat there?’ one user wrote.

Another commented: ‘This is why I don’t like eggs.’

Other viewers stated that not all hotels make their eggs like this.

‘I work in a hotel and can confirm not all hotel brands do this. My hotel makes everything fresh,’ wrote one. 

‘They usually cook my eggs in front of me,’ another stated in the comments. 

Some stated that storing eggs in plastic bags is a way to keep them fresh

Other users insisted that storing eggs in plastic bags is a way to keep them fresh prior to cooking.

‘Bulk bags full of pasteurized egg are used for scrambled a lot of times,’ one contributor confirmed on a Reddit post from 2022. 

Although it was unclear what hotel the video came from, La Cayenne told users that she was working there when the video was created and posted.

She also confirmed that it is located in the UK and not the US. 

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