My wife flirts with other men now she's had boob job and it's turned me off her | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I LOVE my wife but since she had a boob job I’ve gone right off her.

I’m 32, she is 36 and we have been married for five years.

When we met she was very reserved and rather self-conscious about her breasts.

To me she was irresistible and her A-cup breasts didn’t bother me.

But no matter how much I complimented her, she wouldn’t accept her chest size wasn’t a problem.

I thought she would get over it but she remained critical of her looks and saved up for a boob job.

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Although I didn’t understand my wife’s hang-ups about her body, I supported her decision the best I could.

It’s been eight weeks since she had the procedure and she is now a 34 DD.

I can honestly say my wife is a lot happier.

She’s a different person. And I’m not sure I like it.

I knew the procedure would boost her low self-esteem, but now her confidence is through the roof.

She keeps wearing skimpy tops and flirting with waiters when we’re out and I feel quite disrespected by her need to flaunt her new breasts.

To make matters worse she’s thinking of having further surgery to enlarge her breasts to an EE cup.

She’s quite dainty and I’ve told her she would look ridiculous.

As her husband I should have a say but she shuts me down. We had a massive row and now she refuses to speak to me.

I really don’t want to lose my wife. But how can I make her see sense over this, and save our marriage?

DEIDRE SAYS: I understand your wishes to be involved in her surgery decision and generally it is always good to come to an agreement together on the big decisions in any marriage.

But when it comes to such personal matters – although you might not agree – it is her body and ultimately her choice.

If you truly want to save your marriage I would advise that you be the supportive husband she needs as she works through her body- confidence issues.

You can let her know you are pleased she feels more confident but ask her to be mindful of your feelings.

No matter what her cup size, her focus should be on your marriage, not garnering attention from strangers.

My support packs called How To Look After Your Relationship and Unhappy With Your Breasts? will help you approach the conversation with the sensitivity needed here.

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