'My husband helps me pick new matches on dating apps'

A woman has said she’s the ‘luckiest wife in the world’ after her husband let her get dating apps – and he’s even helped her swipe on other men.

OnlyFans model Alexandra Le Tissier has been in monogamous a relationship with her husband Mitch for over a decade, but when their relationship got ‘a little bit boring’, she decided she wanted to spice things up.

Stressing that she is very much still in love with her husband, Alexandra, who goes by Alex, asked Mitch, also 31, if she could download a dating app to make new connections, and he agreed off the bat.

In fact, Alex’s husband – who is ex-footballer Matt Le Tissier’s son – is so cool about it, he’s helped in her search for another man, sifting through so many likes he thinks some men are paying for super likes in a bid to get her attention.

Alex said: ‘He’s pretty open-minded. He’s not judging in any way, so he’s absolutely fine with it. The only rule we have is that it can only be for fun. It can’t be anything serious.

‘He’s really not interested in doing it himself, which is really funny to me.’

Alex, who lives in Southampton, UK, said there are a few dealbreakers for a potential hookup.

‘I can be really strict,’ she explained. ‘I have been culling people depending on their hairline and old they are. So it’s been quite a fun experience.’

While Alex has yet to go on a date with any of the men she’s chatting to, she is excited at the prospect, although she said she’d need to be chatting to someone for a few weeks before she’d be prepared to meet in the flesh.

Yet she has already made a few rookie errors.

‘I did accidentally swipe away a barrister and I was absolutely gutted. I was like, “No!”‘ said Alex.

‘I think a few people have tweaked onto who I am from OnlyFans, and some people have paid to super swipe me to get my attention.’

In an ideal world, Alex wants any potential new man to have her husband’s approval.

She added: ‘He knows my type – I like geeky guys.’

But while the couple are happy with this latest development in their relationship, not everyone has approved.

After Alex revealed she was on the apps on Twitter, some people contacted her husband to let him know, even though she joined with his consent.

Alex, who is from Guernsey in the Channel Islands, explained: ‘It’s just really funny that people think that I would just do it without letting him know – and then post it on my Twitter.

‘People are weird. I just think that was a bit shady.’

Looking to the future, Alex believes her relationships will be a lot more fun, and she said that her decision to use dating apps has already brought her closer to her husband.

‘It’s going to be a lot more fun now I don’t need to live my entire life with the same person over and over,’ she said.

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