Motoring expert issues warning to drivers as UK temperatures plummet

With Britain being hit by a cold snap this week, it's likely that many areas of the UK will be hit with frost.

With that in mind, Sam Sheehan, motoring expert at cinch, an online car dealership, has shared tips and tricks for vehicle maintenance during these conditions.

Sam says it's 'easy for many drivers to be tempted' by winter driving hacks that they may see online. However, he has warned that they could cause damage to your car.

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The expert said: “Pouring boiling water on a frosted windscreen may cause cracks in the glass, while using a CD or credit card to clear your windscreen could scratch the surface or damage the seals around your windows. Instead, make sure all windows are fully cleared of ice, using a scraper or de-icer so you can see everything around you.

“Our advice is to get into the habit of regularly checking your car, as prevention is better than the cure. This includes checking your tyres, managing your engine oil levels, keeping your coolant topped up – adding antifreeze in the autumn to avoid the water freezing during a cold snap."

Sam also had recommendations for people who drive electric vehicles (EVs), saying: "Ensure your vehicle is regularly charged and top up where possible. For all car types, check your windscreen for cracks or chips and making sure all of your car's lights are all working as they should be.

“As well as keeping your windows clear of dirt and obstructions, give your headlights a once over with a damp cloth and ensure your registration plates are clean too, as the roads are much dirtier in the winter."

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For petrol and diesel cars, he added: "These see lower fuel efficiency in the winter, and it's the same for EVs as colder weather will see your battery operating less efficiently. To minimise the effect of the cold weather on your EV, preheat your vehicle while it's still charging and use eco-driving mode wherever possible.”

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