Model who bragged about funding Lamborghini with racy pics now drives Nissan

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    It has been four years since glamour model Chelsea Ferguson was slammed for bragging that “f***y pics” paid for her new Lamborghini – but a lot has changed since then.

    Firstly, Chelsea is now a mum to a little boy, something she said has given her a fresh perspective on life.

    And although she could afford something swankier, she now drives a Nissan Qashqai in a bid to get herself “back down to earth”.

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    But the clever businesswoman, who is a former lap dancer, has no regrets about some of her previous brazen remarks.

    In 2019, the self-made millionaire boasted how her £200,000 black Lamborghini Huracan was “all from showing me f***y to strangers".

    And reflecting on the viral post, she exclusively told Daily Star: “People don’t realise that everything I used to say or when I went in the media or on Twitter it was all for a reaction, a share, for it to go viral.

    “Everyone just needs to take what I say with a pinch of salt. It’s not always the real me.

    “Some stuff is… I just add a little sparkle on there for entertainment value, just when TV shows get edited.”

    The glamour model, from Hartlepool, continued: “Funnily enough I got rid of the Lambo and got a Range Rover and then I decided I wanted to go back to basics so I got rid of the Range Rover and got myself a Qashqai.

    “It is so funny if you look at my track record of cars but I wanted to honestly just get back down to earth and spend the money on my house and my son and what is best for his future.

    “I feel like cars are a big waste of money but I’ve had my fun, I’ve had the nice car and I feel like I am trying to be a bit more normal these days.”

    Chelsea, now 34, runs an extremely profitable subscription site called AdmireMe.VIP but she said the best thing to happen to her was becoming a mother.

    It wasn’t something she was sure she always wanted but she said it has made her a different person with a “completely changed” outlook.

    As for combining her career with parenting, she said: “It is hard balancing but I am very lucky because my son has an amazing dad.

    “We are not together but he is very good and he has him practically 50-50 with me so I get a lot of time to myself to get everything I need to do done.

    “I am very much enjoying motherhood and I have a two-year-old and he is amazing and I love him to bits.”

    Chelsea lives in a plush six-bedroom pad, which has a cinema room and three bathrooms.

    And after her Lamborghini comments in the past we asked her whether money had brought her happiness.

    In a candid response, she concluded: “I think it makes your life more comfortable, especially in a cost of living crisis.

    “But it definitely doesn’t guarantee anything. I’ve been sad and cried and been depressed when I’ve had a lot of money but it boils down to the people around you really.

    “I lost my mam and that was a really sad time but I had loads of money but I was very depressed so honestly money does not guarantee happiness.

    “It does make you happy to a certain extent and it does make you more comfortable. I would rather cry in a Lamborghini or in a nice house like mine obviously, but it doesn’t guarantee anything.”

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