MAC’s viral Fizzy Feels PH-adjusting lipstick is back with a festive twist

When MAC’s Fizzy Feels Lip Balm, £25 here, went viral on TikTok last year it sold out almost instantly, and we were all heartbroken when the limited edition balm didn’t make a grand return.

It shot to popularity thanks to its mesmerising shimmering finish and ultra-hydrating sheen, and almost 12 months since we last coveted the glitter-laden balm, it’s finally made a grand return to the MAC website just in time for Christmas.

Now available in not one but two festive shades, the lip balm has already started trending on TikTok again, with countless videos and more than a million views already, so we can pretty much guarantee that this is going to be another sell out sensation.

In case you missed it the first time around, allow us to bring you up to speed. The MAC Fizzy Feels Lip Balm, £25 here, is a moisture-heavy balm in a lipstick-style formula that hydrates your lips and protects them against the drying winter weather.

Not only is it a hydration hero, but it also leaves your lips with a subtle shimmer across them, with an innovative formula that adjusts to the PH of your lips, leaving them with a soft hint of pink-toned colour that’s totally unique to you.

The originalTaste for Bubblesshade was what made it such a hit last year, leaving a soft golden glimmer on your lips that’s absolutely perfect for adding a little extra festive sparkle to your usual make up look.

However, this year there’s a surprise twist, and it comes in the form of a brand new colour. The Fizzy Feels Silver Shimmy, £25 here, is a sheer purple-hued balm with a shimmering purple pearl overlay, and it’s so popular that it’s already completely sold out on the MAC Cosmetics website.

However, you can still pick it up elsewhere on sites like Beauty Bay and LookFantastic, although it seems to be hiding under the name Polarizing Purple on several sites.

The lip balm has already become a viral sensation, with beauty gurus likeSydney Purl sharing clips of themselvestrying out the glittering balm.

“Yep, I’ll be wearing this all winter” wrote Sydney, as she showed off the Taste for Bubbles Shade, calling it “so stunning”.

As always, we can count on Revolution to come up with an affordable alternative to a trending beauty product, and its I Heart Revolution Butterfly Colour Changing Lip Balm, £5 here, is a PH-reactive clear lip balm with encased glitter that changes colour as you apply it, leaving them nourished, soft and hydrated – and glittering, of course.­­

It also has plenty of glowing reviews from shoppers, with one writing: “Weirdly the week before I bought this I came across a luxury brand version of this for 8 times as much as this cost. I was mesmerised by the magic of the colour change and the glitter but couldn't ever justify the cost. I was chuffed to come across this. It's the same pretty product same magic but an 8th of the price! It was like Christmas came early!”

Whilst another said: “In love with this collection, this lip balm leaves a natural colour in the lips.”

With Christmas on its way, there’s never been a better time to add a little extra glitter to your life! Shop the MAC Fizzy Feels Lip Balm in Taste for Bubbles, £25 here, and Silver Shimmy, £25 here, for the ultimate hint of festive sparkle.

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