‘I’m a cam girl saving hard earned cash to buy home and leave dafty hometown’

A cam girl is on a mission to make enough to money to move as far away from her hometown to avoid living next what she calls 'daftys'.

Nova Jewels, 27, from Dundee, Scotland, is proud of her heritage and even rakes in the cash from her 'sexy' accent. But, the cam girl and model doesn't plan on staying on her home turf forever.

For Nova, she believes she would be 'wasting' her hard earned cash by purchasing a house in the coastal city because of who she could end up living next to. In a recent TikTok, she even admitted: "Imagine buying a house in your hometown knowing of all the daftys [idiots] you could end up having from neighbours. It's a no from me."

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She added: "What a waste of money." Nova hasn't changed her tune since she posted the controversial video to her TikTok which racked up thousands of views. The model said she's worked "hard" and got "naked" for her money, so will not take the risk of ending up living next to a hater in her hometown.

Nova now exclusively chatted with Daily Star about her feather ruffling remarks. "No," she urged and then giggled when asked whether she would buy a house in Dundee. "There’s no support in this city, that’s a lie, I wouldn’t say no support but doing OnlyFans I realised actually how much support there is in the city there’s so many people who would back me to the ends of time.

"But when you do something like this for a living, it does bring out the haters as well.

"When you keep going with what you do and make it obvious that the hate doesn’t get to you, eventually they start to realise there’s no point ‘she’ll never stop doing what she does, she lives off the aggravation, she loves winding people up’ so people just eventually just leave you to do your own thing.

"But there’s so many people here that I could not think of anything worse of me investing my hard earned naked money into buying a house and I’m left with some of these people living on my street – no freaking way.

"So I will be buying a house, don’t know where, but not here.

"Not here no way.”

Nova has been working in the sex industry for the last three years after she left her job as a wedding coordinator. She took the leap into being a cam model full-time and has not looked back ever since.

The fiery model left the 9-to-5 behind along with her naturally long brunette locks for steamy sessions, sexy snaps and a cropped ginger cut. Nova has even featured on Channel 4 documentary 'Confessions of a Cam Girl' to highlight the reality of the kinky industry – including trolls and income.

The model previously told us she can make £4,000 a month from her cheeky content creation, and that doesn't go down too well among those living in the city, she says.

Nova explained: "Because I’m from Dundee, it’s such a small city and when you’re from a small city – nobody can tell me that I’m not good at what I do, as I know that I am – and somebody from my confidence and demeanour starts to make an appearance from a small city people are like ‘what the hell is this all about.

"It’s because they’re not used to it. I feel like everybody kind of lives this ‘normal’ life of kids and marriages and they don’t seem to realise that when you’re in a small city like Dundee that there’s a whole other world out there.

"So when I start I feel like I naturally just am so good at p***ing people off, they only people that dislike me, up till now, are people from Dundee.

"I don’t always say it’s a jealousy thing, I’m opinionated and always voice controversial opinions. As if I can get a reaction on social media, it makes me an income – people start talking. The more I get the city talking, the more my views start to go up, my income starts to go up.

"I know where the line is, I do like to play with the line but I think what gives me such a thrill is no matter what I say or what anybody says nowadays people take offence over everything. It’s wild.

"In Dundee, if I say something people don’t agree with it’s like you’re not allowed to have your own opinion, you have to be a sheep, people pleaser and agree with what everyone else thinks.

"I’m like never, I’ll never be a people pleaser and I just think Dundee doesn’t really know how to take to that."

Despite Nova not wanting to spend her "hard earned naked cash" on a house with the risk of living next door to one of her haters among the city's 147,720 population, she's struggling to decide where she's going to set up camp.

With 20,000 TikTok followers and being no stranger to making headlines for her outlandish lifestyle and feisty nature, the haters might not just be on her doorstep. The model is now planning to save as much as her naked earned cash to buy somewhere that no one could move in next to her.

She concluded: "That’s a thing that I think about every week, when you do by a house… I love country life, I love being in the country, love being in the middle of nowhere, but I love the city as well.

"I think the thought of living in a city in the hustle and bustle would be amazing. So I just need to make enough money so I can buy a house and it guarantees that nobody will be able to buy a house in the same area as me.”

You can find Nova on Instagram here and TikTok here.

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