Hotels use clever 29p ‘trick’ to make towels super ‘soft and fluffy’

Staying in a hotel often feels like a real treat.

The sheets are extra crisp, the complementary dressing gowns are cosy and the towels tend to feel super soft and fluffy. And thankfully, there's a way to emulate this experience at home.

Nic Shacklock – from Online-Bedrooms – revealed there's a way to revive the towels you use regularly at home. And all you need is a cheap bottle of white vinegar.

According to Express, he said: “It’s an unpleasant experience when towels start to go stale and have a damp odour after a few months of usage.

“Even after washing them the foul smell can still linger and the texture will have deteriorated. The trick is to use cleaning methods which hotels and spas follow to make their linens luxurious.

"Products like white vinegar, bleach and extra fabric conditioner are some of the ways to give towels a new spruce of life.

“Towels should be replaced every two years but they may be able to survive a few months longer by using these handy tips.”

So how do you do it? Apparently, using a 29p bottle of white vinegar can work a treat.

All you need to do is use two or three cups when you're washing the towels, which should help to bring them back to their original colour. It's also said to make them feel "soft".

Alternatively, try doubling up on detergent and fabric conditioner. The expert says this can "enhance the luxurious feel" and "expand the lifespan of towels".

Another top tip is to wash your towels at high temperatures, which works to banish stubborn soap scum and shampoo residue. Adding a drop of bleach into the mix can also brighten everything up again.

And finally, try popping in a spoon of baking soda to eliminate any unpleasant odours without any extra time or effort. Thank us later!

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