Coleen and Wayne Rooney’s staggering net worth from brand deals to £20m mansion

There's no denying that Wayne and Coleen Rooney are rich. Like, super rich. The mega famous couple have been in the public eye for years, and in that time have created an enormous wealth for themselves.

From Wayne's mega successful football career, which has earned him four England Player of the Year awards, plus a space in the England World Cup squad three times, it's obvious that such prestige comes with a huge pay check.

In terms of Coleen, she used her 'WAG' status wisely, and welcomed multiple media roles over the years – including a weekly fashion and news column for OK! – as well as plenty of brand and sponsorship deals.

But while we know the couple are mega wealthy, what exact numbers are we talking? Let's take a look at Wayne and Coleen Rooney's eye watering joint net worth…

What is Wayne and Coleen's collective net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Wayne Rooney is worth $170 million. As for Coleen, the same site says her net worth is a cool $19 million. Her wealth can be owed to her 10+ years in the media.

In terms of their collective wealth, Wayne and Coleen are worth $189 million. Or if we're talking Great British Pounds, it's £155 million.

How have they made their money then?

Wayne's football career

We know that Wayne made most of his cash through playing professional football. As per Celebrity Net Worth, "at the peak of his playing career," Wayne was taking home an annual salary of $26 million.

Throughout his career, he's won the Premier League five times with Manchester United, and thanks to his indisputable talent, has been awarded the FIFA Club World Cup Most Valuable Player of the Final and Premier League Player of the Season.

In 2017, he also signed a three-year deal with D.C. United of Major League Soccer. After retiring from football in 2021, he switched to management, and now manages Birmingham City.

Wayne and Coleen's sponsorship deals

Wayne and Coleen have fronted many different brands over the years due to their celeb status. For example, in 2018, Wayne earned just over £24 million (as per Celebrity Net Worth) for a number of endorsements in between his salary. He's worked with many major brands, including Ford, Nokia, Coca Cola and Nike.

As for Coleen, the 37 year old has also been successful with sponsorship deals. Back in the day, ASDA's George paid her £3 million to front their campaign, and she struck another deal in 2010 with Littlewoods for £2 million.

Coleen's other business ventures include a £500,000 jewellery range with Argos in 2008, plus her own perfume line. Elsewhere, she had a best selling exercise DVD, and has authored a number of books.

She's also fronted TV programmes, including 2008's Coleen's Real Women, and most recently, her Disney+ documentary, Coleen Rooney: The Real Wagatha Story, which airs today (Wednesday 18th October). Chances are, this highly anticipated show will bring the couple a pretty penny too.

Wayne and Coleen's extensive property portfolio

The couple have a huge net worth tied up in property, and own plenty of real estate all over the world.

In the UK, they reside in a six bedroom mansion in Cheshire with their four kids, Kai, 13, Klay, 10, Kit, seven, and Cass, five, which set them back £20 million.

Wayne and Coleen also have a sprawling Barbados villa which they purchased for £5 million. However, they rent it out for £25,000 a week.

Meanwhile, the famous duo also own a lavish £300,000 waterfront apartment in Florida, which they purchased in 2007. Wayne also bought a £450,000 detatched house for his parents in Liverpool.

Oh, and they've also got a luxury mansion in Washington DC too, which cost them a cool £12 million.

So there you have it, the full lowdown of Wayne and Coleen Rooney's mega net worth.

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