Boss fires all employees who don't have a six-pack: 'I have standards'

Boss claims he fires any employee on his team who doesn’t have a six-pack: ‘I have high standards, quit settling’

  • Andy Elliot, from the US, requires all his employees to have six-packs
  • He was criticised for his ‘unreasonable’ standard
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A boss has come under fire for revealing a ‘unique’ requirement for working at his sales firm.

Andy Elliott, a professional sales trainer and car salesman, demands all his employees have six-packs in order to work at his company.

The 43-year-old claimed that he has high standards for his employees and needs his team to ‘step up’ in order to keep their jobs.

‘Six-pack or you’re fired – that’s what I tell my entire team,’ he said. ‘If you don’t have a six-pack, you don’t work for us.’

Andy shared that he wants his employees to have a sense of routine and discipline.

Andy Elliott [right], a professional sales trainer and car salesman, demands all his employees have six-packs in order to work at his company

The sales expert expands on his line of thinking in a video.

‘It’s called a standard – how about we raise them? How about you guys quit getting civilised and quit settling?’

He admitted that many would disagree with his tactic and find it strange – but he doesn’t concern himself with that. 

‘There are some people in this room that said they would sue their company if they told them they had to have a six-pack,’ he said.

‘We know you would sue – that conversation is for the 1 per cent – it wasn’t for you,’ he spoke to them directly.

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Many pointed out how ‘ridiculous’ the standard was, and shared equally unrealistic standards.   

‘You can’t work for me if you’re bald,’ a man said, referring to Andy’s haircut. ‘Grow hair or get out.’

‘I served in the Marines for 13 years with some absolute savages,’ another said. ‘True professionals who were smart, tactically sound, strong, loyal, courageous, and in unbelievably shape as demonstrated in combat … none of them had a six-pack.’

‘This is a terrible mindset just from a fitness perspective,’ a fitness trainer said. ‘It’s a very small percentage of the population that can even achieve this.’ 

He added, ‘Plus, the quality of life sucks. Lots of people with six-packs are in actual horrible health!’

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Others pointed out that there were several jobs where a person’s physical appearance doesn’t matter.

‘The company will go under because you had to pay people an absurd salary for a ‘skill’ that has nothing to do with their job,’ one said.

‘Yeah, why would I want an IT guy that can run a five-minute mile and bench 150kg but doesn’t know what a USB is?’ another asked.

But many defended Andy’s point of view. 

‘Everyone is so stuck on the six-pack thing, but the point he’s making is have a standard for your business and stick to it. The standard is your preference!’ a man wrote.

‘He’s talking about discipline,’ another said.

‘Look at all the people who are whinging or attacking him because they don’t have any discipline in their lives,’ a third wrote.

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