‘Bikini farmer’ asks women to join an ‘army’ but trolls say ‘no one will work’

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    A self-proclaimed "bikini farmer" has called on other women to join her and work on farms wearing nothing but bikinis.

    The woman went viral earlier this year when she showed off her unusual outfit while working in a stable.

    She also urged women to "free the ta-tas" and not to wear any bras outside the house – but it came with a little criticism.

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    In her recent video, she shared her family's opinion on TikTok.

    The content creator said: "My family said you should really watch what you put on social media.

    "I do what I want. Sounds like you should stop watching what I put on social media since you have that attitude."

    Soon after she put the post up, she was drawn to a viewer's comment who said "you know I was the original bikini farmer."

    But it wasn't all about the looks for the country woman.

    The animal lover made another video and pinned the comment while showing her furry pals in the farm.

    She put on a bikini top and shorts, saying: "I freaking love that.

    "And what do you say, like, we start a whole army of bikini farmers and infiltrate the argicultural scene, chicks and bikinis, getting s***done on the farm?

    "Who is with us ladies?"

    One woman responded: "I would love that but too many guys around."

    Another said: "Sounds good to me!"

    Some, however, had difficulty envisaging it, with a person commenting: "Ha ha, if you had that going on, there would be no work being done."

    A second took a dig at her, teasing: "Except no one wants to see this old farm girl in a bikini ever."

    The TikToker might not be "inflitrating farms" but she isn't the only one that prefers to wear bikini while working in farm.

    "Farm girl" Emma also ditches jumpsuits to swimsuits when doing cleaning work on her farm.

    She gave her fans an eyeful while putting every inch of her curves in display in a plunging wet suit.

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