Astrologers reveal how venus retrograde could impact YOUR relationship

I’m an astrologer and this is how the shadow of Venus retrograde could impact your relationship – after the period caused a slew of celebrity breakups

  • Inbaal Honigman, celebrity psychic and astrologer, told all to FEMAIL 
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Venus retrograde saw a slew of shocker celebrity break-ups, from Britney to Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner – and now astrologers have said that it was all down to the movements of the planets in the sky.

Between the dates of 23 July and 4 September 2023, Venus was in retrograde. During that time, any attempt at initiating or improving relationships was harder than it should be.

And Inbaal Honigman told FEMAIL that could have had an impact on a number of celebrity couples – including Britney and the Jonas’.

However while Venus retrograde is now passed, she said all is not necessarily well in the stars –  explaining we are in a ‘shadow period’, which is a time that can still be a little risky for relationships.

During the shadow period we may miss a call from an ex, or have a dream that our partner is cheating.

Venus retrograde saw a slew of shocker celebrity break-ups, from Britney to Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner and now astrologers say that it was all down to the movements of the planets in the sky

Until October 7, 2023, things are precarious and care is recommended.

Water signs like Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio are very romantic so they would feel it also.

Aries and Virgo however, are more self-sufficient, so they won’t be challenged by Venus as much as their watery friends.

Here she told FEMAIL how each of the different star signs will react to the period – and how it could impact your relationship. 

Astrologers are suggesting that a spate of celebrity break ups have been down to Venus Retrograde


The sign of Aries is fiery and direct. The romantic notions of Venus are not for them, and they prefer to do what they want, when they want it, rather than having to wait for some planet to go forwards or backwards. Aries is about actions, not emotions, so they’ll power through with their love lives, Venus or no Venus.


Venus is the planetary ruler of the sign of Taurus, so the impact of the Venus retrograde will reverberate through the life of the Taurus. On the other hand, when Venus goes direct, which it is now, Taurus can sense the change and is ready to take action around love. Their hearts melt and they’re more positive.


The sign of Gemini is fun loving and sociable, but love isn’t the most important thing in their lives. They’d pick a festival of 10,000 people in a field over a romantic candle lit dinner holding hands. Venus doesn’t impact Gemini so much, so they probably don’t even remember they used to date someone else at the start of summer.


Cancer is a romantic and loving sign, which enjoys being surrounded by their family and loved ones. Emotions play a big part in their lives, and they’ve definitely felt that things weren’t right during the retrograde. Even the shadow period can be challenging for Cancer, so it’s best holding off any romantic decisions, and not say yes or no to any proposals till October 7th.


Venus is actually in Leo itself right now, so Leos will be feeling exceptionally lovey and romantic following the end of the retrograde. One thing they’ll notice is that their fan base may increase – people fall in love with Leo very easily, and now that the Venus retrograde is over, there will be even more of that.


Virgo is a tidy and organised sign, and they don’t let any planet run their tight schedule for them. It’s a sensitive sign, so Virgo could tell that something was up, their partner was feeling low or their parents weren’t getting on. But Virgo won’t let that affect them, they prefer to carry on with their regular timetable so the end of the retrograde isn’t very different.


The sign of Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, and therefore feels the effects of the Venus retrograde very strongly. Now that Venus is direct again, Libra could harness this success and ensure that the next few months are not lonely. Single? Go meet. Coupled? Go hug. The uninterrupted direct motion of the planet fills you with verve.


When Venus goes direct, Scorpio prefers to stay in the shadows. The sign of Scorpio is mysterious and unusual. They like dressing up and playing roles rather than speaking directly to their partner or asking for help. So, during the Venus retrograde, Scorpio was alright, as others were struggling. Now with Venus going direct, Scorpio feels like all their mystery and drama superpowers are gone.


The sign of Sagittarius is bold and open, they communicate clearly and they live their full lives. They’re not exactly romantic, but they don’t like to be all alone either. Venus retrograde won’t have upset them, but it may have upset their partner. The end of the retrograde was very welcome, as Sagittarius prefers an easy and happy life with no drama.


The stable and powerful sign of Capricorn doesn’t need the planets to tell them whether they’re in love or just having fun. The retrograde may have brought its challenges, but Capricorn isn’t frightened of challenges. Now that Venus goes direct, Capricorn appreciates the lack of confusion around their love lives.


Even though Aquarius isn’t a very romantic sign, the Venus retrograde affected them because Aquarius are very psychic. The end of the retrograde is now welcome, as finally Aquarius can relax, rather than have to take care of a weeping partner or a newly-dumped cousin. Their nature is sensitive to the plight of others.


The sign of Pisces is romantic to the core, and really cares about feelings and relationships. Venus retrograde is a tough period for Pisces, because they value their relationships and may struggle when the planets aren’t aligned. Now they can breathe a big sigh of relief as the retrograde is over, but the shadow period may still cause some aftershocks.

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