AI bot shares what UK’s ‘dream engagement ring’ looks like – and it’ll cost you

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    It seems like artificial intelligence (AI) is getting involved with all parts of our life lately – from predicting future hairstyles to suggesting sex positions.

    And now an AI bot has come up with an image of what the UK's 'dream engagement ring' apparently looks like.

    But be warned, it doesn't come cheap.

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    The ring, imagined by precious metal specialists SD Bullion, looked at the search volume beyond keywords related to an engagement ring’s shape, setting, band, carat, metal, stone, and optional extras – and used an AI image generator to visualise the results.

    It turns out that the nation’s ideal ring somewhat resembles Little Mix star Leigh-Ann Pinock’s iconic ring – except an opal replaces her rare black-cut diamond.

    While black diamonds reportedly symbolise protection and faithfulness, an opal invokes inspiration, passion and fidelity – so both are perfectly appropriate for a declaration of love.

    Opal is also the birthstone for those born in October, so many soon-to-be fiancés may be keen to incorporate the stone to celebrate their beloved one’s special day.

    However, it is surprising that so many people are keen to have opal in an item they’ll constantly wear, as they’re prone to scratching and breaking due to being a soft gemstone.

    Therefore, many jewellers suggest that they’re not appropriate for everyday wear.

    The metal is also a surprising choice, as while white gold and platinum are perceived to be the go-to choice for many, the majority of Brits prefer rose gold.

    Rose gold compliments a wide range of skin tones and is highly versatile, and are resistant to nicks and scratches due to the strong alloy of both gold and copper.

    Despite featuring a classic solitaire stone as the main event, the ring is more ostentatious due to the pavé band. No expense has been spared either, as most nationwide searches were for a 1.0-carat stone – despite the average reportedly being 0.6 carats

    An opal can cost up to £4,700 per carat. Given that the national average cost of an engagement ring in the UK is £1,929, according to a recent poll, proposers determined to purchase a similar ring to the dream version could well spend more than double the average.

    Another factor that could drive up the price is if people decide to add a personal touch to the ring before proposing – with the data showing that incorporating vintage elements are the most likely extra, followed by adding engraving and choosing a bespoke design.

    Other popular gemstone choices came out as aquamarine, emerald, classic diamond, and amethyst for those who aren't sold on the AI-imagined ring.

    After crossover, the second-most popular band style came out as bypass – when the band coils around the finger with the ends not meeting – and a traditional band.

    The stone shape that ranked behind an oval was emerald.

    Luckily, those who don’t aren’t impressed by a 1-carat stone will be pleased to find out that the second-most popular choice is a more pricey 2-carat ring, while the second-most popular metal is platinum.

    According to the Knot 2022 Jewellery and Engagement Study study, half of people start to plan their proposal two to three months in advance – and with engagement season running from late November, now is the time many will start searching for their partner’s perfect ring.

    AI supports this, as searches for ‘engagement rings’ have risen by almost two-fifths overall (40%) since mid-July across the UK.

    Speaking on the findings, an SD Bullion spokesperson said: “As proposal season is just a few months away, it’s likely that a fair few loved-up people are ready to start shopping for an engagement ring – which can be quite daunting and confusing if they haven’t done their research (or paid attention to their significant other’s tastes).

    “When you think of an engagement ring, you probably imagine something minimalist and classic, as is traditional. However, it’s surprising to discover that most Brits prefer a statement ring – as a rose gold pavé option with a stone like opal is quite a departure.

    "However, with numerous influential – and fashionable – celebrities opting for a similar design, it’s no surprise that these bolder design choices are becoming more popular."

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