Hanging baskets grow ‘weak and unimpressive’ without regular gardening task

Homebase details the best way to prepare hanging baskets

Hanging baskets can be tricky gardening projects, particularly because their make-up leads their flowers to need slightly different care requirements compared to if they were planted in the ground. 

From watering hanging baskets too much or not enough to a lack of fertilisation, Reesav Niraula, a gardening expert at Plants Craze, has shared with Express.co.uk five common hanging basket “errors to avoid” to maintain “stunning displays” in gardens.

He said: “By avoiding these common errors, you can ensure that your hanging baskets thrive and showcase stunning displays in your garden.”

1. Overwatering 

Although hanging baskets need more water than regular plants, too much water will cause them harm. Therefore, overwatering hanging baskets is “one of the most typical blunders”, according to the expert. 

Although it’s crucial to keep them well-hydrated, overwatering can result in “root rot” and other water-related problems. 

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Before watering, gardeners are being urged to check the soil’s moisture level, and let it air dry a little between applications.

2. Underwatering 

On the other side, watering hanging baskets might prevent them from wilting and getting dry. 

Therefore it’s crucial to evaluate the water requirements of hanging baskets frequently because they tend to “dry up more quickly than plants in the ground”. 

Before watering, the expert instructed: “Stick your finger into the soil and feel for dryness one inch below the surface.”

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3. Lack of fertiliser 

Annual flowers or other quickly growing plants that benefit from “regular feeding” are frequently cultivated in hanging baskets. 

Reesav warned: “Weak and unimpressive growth may be the result of inadequate nutrient provision.”

In order to “encourage healthy development and brilliant blooms”, apply a balanced, slow-release fertiliser or a liquid fertiliser following the directions on the box.

4. Poor drainage

Drainage may not seem that important, however, a hanging basket’s health depends on proper draining. The expert explained: “Root rot and saturated soil may result from an inability of excess water to drain.”

To avoid water gathering, ensure hanging baskets have drainage holes at the bottom and use a well-draining potting mix.

5. Choosing the wrong plants

Not all plants are appropriate for hanging baskets, and selecting the “incorrect ones” might result in “subpar displays”. 

Gardeners need to consider the light and water requirements of the plants they choose, and “only pick those that are designated as being ideal for hanging baskets”. 

Reesav suggested: “Choose plants with trailing or cascading foliage that will spill over the basket’s edges and make a lovely arrangement.”

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