Gardening expert shares how to get your garden autumn ready – bulbs to plant now

As leaves begin to fall and we head into autumn, founder of GardeningExpress Chris Bonnett is advising green-fingered Britons to continue to look after their outdoor space in order to keep their gardens in good condition until next spring

If you’re a beginner to gardening you may think there’s not a lot of maintenance to do in the autumn but this isn’t the case at all.

Taking care of your garden now and throughout the winter will mean you have a head start as we head into spring next year.

Autumn gardening is all about tidying your outdoor space from the summer and preparing for winter frosts. It’s also a great time to plant any spring bulbs for next year and even some vegetables such as garlic and onions. 

You’ll also need to keep an eye on the weather in your local area. First frosts can come anywhere between September and November, you’ll want to adjust your watering schedule to this to prevent freezing the roots of your plants.

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Jobs to get your garden autumn-ready:

Harvest pumpkins 

If you’ve grown your own pumpkins for this year’s spooky season then you’ll want to harvest these. Although temperatures are milder this autumn, ensure you harvest your pumpkin before any frosts ruin your hard work.

Plant spring bulbs

For those who love a pop of colour in the spring, now is the best time to prepare your display! Go ahead and plant your favourite bulbs and consider creating different designs with a bulb lasagne.

This is when you layer your bulbs in one pot so that they flower one after another and grow to different heights.

Clean your greenhouse

If you have a greenhouse then you’ll want to give it a good clean. Remove any shading you had up for the summer and regularly clean up any debris and dead plant material. Don’t forget to give the windows a good clean to allow as much light in as possible. 

Trim hedges

Now is a good time to begin trimming hedges as their growth will be slowing down. Doing this now means they’ll have a better chance to stay in shape until the next spring.

Take care of your lawn

Your lawn is likely to have its last cut around November so it’s worth giving it some extra care up until then. You may want to consider aerating your lawn with a garden fork to prevent any waterlogging. This will also allow your lawn to breathe and let those important nutrients sink to the roots.

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