What McDonald’s employees don’t want you to know about getting hot fries

A McDonald’s employee has shared her secret to getting hot and fresh fries at the fast food chain every time, and it’s something that they hate to do.

The employee took to TikTok to share this simple hack that makes employees furious but could get you tasty fries because there’s nothing worse than a cold and soggy McDonald’s fry.

Grace, who goes by Mcdsgirll online, shared the one simple adjustment you need to make to your order so you can get a fresh portion of fries, and it involves salt.

She said: “If you go to McDonald’s and ask for no salt on your fries just to get them fresh, and then ask for a handful of salt packets, you are the worst kind of customer.”

While ranting about difficult customers in her video, she inadvertently gave away the simple hack. It has now been viewed over 260,000 times.

@mcdsgirll The WORST #fyp #mcds ♬ original sound – grace

The aptly named “salt trick” has been available for customers to utilise at McDonald’s for a long time now, but people are only just discovering it.

With the help of mobile ordering, and Grace’s TikTok video, more and more people are able to customise their orders without having to speak to a person, removing the awkwardness that comes with tweaking things on menus.

McDonald’s customers and employees alike were quick to confirm that the hack not only works, but can be applied to other items as well.

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One person commented: “Anytime [I’ve] ever asked for fresh fries I end up with old fries BUT anytime [I’ve] said no salt I magically get fresh fries”.

Another commenter wrote: “If you order a burger or fries always ask them without salt or the seasoning on the burger, they will have to make them fresh since they always put each on them, that is if you don’t mind waiting 5 minutes”.

But Grace was quick to deter people from using the hack, as it makes the employees’ lives harder. Instead she suggested just asking them to make your fries fresh rather than bothering with the “salt trick”.

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