The chocolate favourites from Cadbury and Quality Street set to return

Many chocolate brands stand the test of time in British supermarkets but the same can’t be said for all of their products.

In fact, hundreds of sweet treats have come and gone from shelves over the years, with Cadbury items dominating the list.

Discontinued labels include the Cadbury Snowflake, Dream, Spira, and Aztec, all of which are now a thing of the past.

Among other axed products are their famous chocolate coins, which were pulled from the Cadbury collection more than a decade ago.

While many discontinued products never make a return, Britons will welcome a selection of fan favourites back this year – just in time for Christmas.

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Cadbury’s chocolate coins were discontinued in 2014 due to the treat not being “profitable” for the company.

This was largely down to other, cheaper alternatives on sale across almost all major retailers and smaller brands.

However, the chocolate giant has now announced it is bringing back the iconic coins – and it’s happening this month.

The coins will be sold both in a 70g festive net for £1.99 or in a 230g decorative gift tin for £6.99. 

Cadbury’s coins are crafted from the famed Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate, one of the most popular in the UK and regarded as a “national treasure” by the retailer.

Fans of the sweet treats are expected to be overjoyed by the news based on tweets published back in 2014. One Cadbury-lover named @zwebb1took to Twitter to say: “How sad no choc coins!!” Another named Victoria Salter commented: “Well that’s one family Christmas tradition gone… thanks.”

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It’s not the only chocolate treat returning to supermarket shelves. Quality Street fans in the UK will be pleased to hear of the return of the Coffee Creme flavour chocolate found in their trademark tins.

The rich fondant was discontinued more than 20 years ago though bagged its return after the brand polled the nation on their favourite retro sweet.

After coming out on top, the Coffee Creme was announced as the newest addition to the Christmas 2023 collection and will debut on September 20.

The chocolate will be exclusively available to John Lewis and Waitrose retailers, where customers will also find customisable tins on offer.

According to the latest survey comissioned by Betway, the nation’s favourite chocolate remains Cadbury Dairy Milk, which is closely followed by other age-old bars.

The UK’s favourite chocolate bars

  1. Cadbury Dairy Milk
  2. Galaxy
  3. Ferrero Rocher
  4. KitKat
  5. Maltesers
  6. Snickers
  7. Bounty
  8. Wispa
  9. Kinder Bueno
  10. Toblerone

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