Mum explains best way to keeping lettuce fresh and crispy for longer

Express tests two lettuce storage hacks over 21 days

There is nothing more refreshing than a salad that can be both healthy and quick to make, and an essential ingredient for this nutritional meal is leafy green lettuce.

However, lettuce is likely to spoil quickly after only a few days of being bought at the store, leaving it slimy, discoloured or even causing your fridge to smell.

Having to throw out vegetables can be frustrating and lead to spending more money at the shops, but luckily a household expert has explained how to double the shelf life of a lettuce by storing it correctly.

Jess Melwani is a mother who enjoys explaining “Mum stuff” to the internet and has explained that her food storage trick will keep lettuce lasting up to two weeks

In a TikTok video, Jess said: “Whether you use it prepped in a box or fresh head lettuce from the garden, lettuce takes up a lot of room in your fridge and spoils quickly. This little trick with help your lettuce last twice as long with half the space.”

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For Jess’s tip, you will need both a ziploc bag and paper towels. Jess said: “Fold two lengths of paper towel in half and insert it in a ziplock bag crease side down and create a sort of bag liner.”

Next, cut up and wash the lettuce, making sure to shake out the excess water in the lettuce before drying it. Wshing the salad removes dirt and bacteria, which will help the lettuce taste better and less likely to begin rotting.

For the next step, Jess explained: “Wash and prep your lettuce and load it into your ziplock bag. Really pack it in, you can fit a few heads of lettuce in there without a problem.”

She added: “Fold the paper towel over the top if you can so that the lettuce on top is covered too. Squeeze all the air out, yep really get in there! Stored like this, you will have salad for up to two weeks.

Jess said she was able to store “five boxes of prepped lettuce in one gallon-size bag” which means you can have lunch ingredients on hand for much longer.

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In Jess’s video comment section, many people thanked her for the food storage advice and gave their own tips for making lettuce last much longer. 

One user suggests; “Replace the paper towel after a week or so and [your] lettuce will last even longer.”

Another person wrote she used to use a paper towel but had now swapped it out for tin foil. They wrote: “I discovered wrapping lettuce in tin foil is a game changer!!! Lasts soooo long and will not brown, still crispy.”

Someone else pointed out to Jess that leaving lettuce uncut will make it last longer. They wrote: “Thanks for the tip! Also, don’t cut it until you’re ready to use it. I find it doesn’t brown as fast if I use it as I need it.”

Jess replied: “That’s true…but I’m lazy. Being able to grab a handful for a quick salad makes it easier for me to eat healthy in a pinch.”

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