Gordon Ramsay warns common ‘pan’ mistake can ruin your scrambled eggs

Gordon Ramsay shares cooking eggs tips for perfect ramen

The internet is rife with recipes claiming to hold the secret to perfect scrambled eggs, so knowing where to start can be overwhelming.

Gordon Ramsay’s technique stands out for several reasons, but mainly because of the unconventional preparation that goes into the eggs before they’re added to the pan.

“The secret behind any great scrambled eggs is to make sure you do not overcook it,” the chef once explained in a viral YouTube clip posted from his channel.

He stresses that it is pivotal to cook the eggs gently, cleaning the bottom of the pan with a spatula every so often over medium to low heat.

The golden rule, however, is ensuring that the eggs are cooked in a pan at the right temperature.

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The celebrity chef, who recently became a dad for the sixth time at 57, revealed that starting with a cold pan is crucial, adding: “The secret here is working when you on and off the heat.”

He also warned that it’s imperative to avoid overcooking the eggs and advised not to whisk them at all before cooking.

“We never whisk our eggs before we cook them,” he quipped, cracking the eggs straight over the pan before adding “a couple of knobs of butter”.

As the eggy mixture slowly starts to solidify, the cook advises letting the pan hover over the flame for 60 seconds at a time, making sure it gets regular breaks so that the eggs don’t overcook.

After a couple of minutes, Gordon added: “I turn the gas down, and then we whisk,” stressing the need for speedy manoeuvring at this point.”

For an even silkier texture, the chef proposes adding a generous serving of creme fraiche to the eggs before they finish cooking.

After a few minutes, the result should be pleasing; a deep yellow colour, and rich, velvety texture. Cooks have the option to cook further until they achieve their desired texture.

Several fans complimented the cook for his technique, with one writing: “I love all the interesting little tips he gives to make these […] dishes […] to elevate them like a master chef. I will definitely try it!”

Another echoed: “Only Gordon Ramsay could make something as simple as an egg look like something I’d pay $20 (£16.36) to eat).”

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