A beloved Cadbury chocolate treat is coming back after almost a decade

A treasured classic is making a comeback this year after nine long years – and we can’t wait.

For chocolate lovers across the nation, Christmas has come early as Cadbury announced the much-anticipated return of its beloved Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Coins.

The iconic product was discontinued back in 2014, disappointing chocolate lovers across the UK.

Many lamented the loss of this popular stocking filler, with some even starting petitions to bring back the Christmas favourite.

Fans took to social media to share their grief, with many dubbing Cadbury Scrooges for taking the treat off the shelves.

Now, nine long years later, this classic treat will be back in stock due to overwhelming popular demand.

Fans won’t need to wait long as the coins are set to hit the shelves in September nationwide, with the Festive Net retailing at £1.99.

If you’re looking for something a little more fancy as a gift, you can also buy a decorative Moneytin, which will be available for £6.99.

However, retailers are free to set their own prices, so make sure to double-check the cost before you head to the checkout.

‘It’s a joyous moment to see the return of this national treasure that has captivated generations of Cadbury fans over the years,’ said Sarah Foden, Archivist for Cadbury.

‘The nostalgia surrounding this iconic product is a testament to its timeless charm, and we’re thrilled to bring back the joy and excitement it holds for the Christmas season.

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