You have sharp eyes if you can spot all three differences between the fish bowls in under 10 seconds | The Sun

Can you spot the differences between the two fish bowls in a short space of time?

The tricky game challenges people to find three differences between the fish bowls in under 10 seconds.

If you can spot them, then you must have very sharp eyes.

The website Freshers Live regularly shares difficult optical illusions that test your puzzle skills.

"Optical illusions captivate our mind by tricking our perceptions when we observe images or scenes with our eyes," Freshers Live says.

The images show a goldfish inside a bowl facing towards the right as it swims in front of a weed.

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The bowl is placed on a lined wooden table and the background is light blue.

And light seems to shine from outside the frame onto the glass bowl.

Can you solve the picture puzzle?

If you can't solve it, don't worry as the answer is as follows:

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The first difference is in the leaf just below the fish โ€“ the leaf in the right-hand image is rounder than the one in the left.

The second difference is found in the lines on the wooden table.

In the top left corner of the table on the left-hand image, there is a missing black line.

The final difference can be seen through the number of reflections shown on the top left corner of the bowl's glass.

You can find the solution image below.

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And only one in four people can solve an optical illusion where only a single car out of many has its headlights on.

It takes the average person 45 seconds to find the beams amongst the crowds of cars.

Finding the car with its beams on is no easy task.

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