Woman wears very bride-like white gown to mate’s wedding – but it’s not what it seems | The Sun

A WOMAN has shocked the internet after revealing she wore a white dress to her friend's wedding.

Lexie Jayy, from the US, decided to opt for a figure-hugging white dress on her best friend's big day, even though she felt bad about it.

Taking to social media, the blonde beauty revealed: "Get ready with me to literally wear white to a wedding.

"So stressed, saying that, my gorgeous friend Maddie is getting married today."

Despite feeling bad about wearing white, she explained there was a very good reason to do so.

While it is tradition for only the bride to wear white at the wedding, her friend seemed to have taken an unconventional approach.


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But the bride has asked everyone in attendance to wear either black or white outfits.

Lexie explained that she was fully set on wearing a black dress to her friend's wedding however, the white dress just looked so much better on her.

She continued: "But literally, of course, the white one looked better.

"I'm feeling like an a**hole, even though she asked us to wear white. Like, ah, I don't know why I did this to myself."

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Lexie then changed her mind and put the black dress on, but she soon decided it wasn't the right fit for the occasion and switched again.

The white sleeveless floor-length dress was ruched all the way down and she accessorised it with white opera gloves and a sheer white scarf.

She also paired it with black boots and a black blazer to break up the white.

But Lexie was nervous to head to the venue when she realised her other friends were all wearing black to the wedding instead of white.

The video posted to her TikTok account @lexiejayy has since gone viral with over 12 million views and over one million likes.

People in the comments were quick to share their thoughts.

One person wrote: "Looks great!! If that's what the bride requested, then it's okay! It's what she wants!"

Another commented: "I just went to a wedding this weekend where the invite said “wear all white” and I made myself re-read it like 20 times to make sure."

"A bit much with the gloves and the neck piece lol it's not your wedding," penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: "You played this well, it’s a white dress but it’s not bridal, it’s perfect."

"As a bride, if I said 'come in black or white' and everyone wore black i would be so disappointed,” claimed a fifth.

Someone else added: "She’s coming in red I knowww it."

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Despite some guessing the bride would wear red., her friend Maddie did sport her own white gown and was more than happy to see Lexie in the correct dress code.

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