Trolls hate my face tattoo but it has a secret meaning, I don’t ever regret it, life’s too short to be serious | The Sun

AN influencer's face tattoo has caught the attention of trolls, who hate it.

But she couldn't care less what these keyboard warriors think.

Her ink art has a secret meaning and she doesn't regret it for a moment.

Muawk (@muawk) has a phenomenal fan-base of 3.1 million.

She gets a lot of attention with a following like that.

But when she decided to go for a face tattoo, she was unprepared for the reaction from viewers.

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“I got so many questions about my face tattoo, it was insane," she said, looking incredulous in her post.

It might have seemed madness to others, but getting artwork under her right eye was right for her.

"Life's far too short to care," she reasoned.

Rather than opt for an image or design for her body art, Muawk decided on a word instead.

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“It says mephobia," she explained. "It means the fear of being so awesome that the entire human race can’t handle it and everyone dies."

Nonetheless, there were some viewers who were concerned that it "took away from her beauty."

She raised weary eyes at this comment and moved on.

She was emphatic when another fan asked if she had any regrets about it.

"No, I really don’t, I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s so funny. I got it because it’s funny."

She knew this was an unusual reason to commit to ink art, but she was adamant.

“I know you should be getting tattoos that are really meaningful but life’s too short to care.

“I forget I have it. It feels normal. It is what it is."

She's learned to live with the negative comments, though she acknowledged there were many positive ones too.

“The more negative ones are more to do with the placement of the tattoos, than like the word itself."

Others have also jumped to conclusions, figuring she must have got it in prison: "I’ve never been to jail," she protested.

Commenters were behind her all the way, supporting her decision for a face tattoo.

“Getting a tattoo because it’s funny is the best reason. I love it," said this person.

Another person said: “I love the tattoo. I think it shows your personality that much more and you’re absolutely gorgeous.”

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This fan approved: “Still one of my favorite face tattoos and you rock it.”

Just ignore the haters, said this fan: “Why are people so obsessed, it’s your face. Do what you want with it. I think it’s amazing by the way."

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