Tricky brain teaser will drive you ‘wild’ – can you spot all the hidden animals in under 25 seconds? | The Sun

DO you like to think of yourself as someone who is very eagle-eyed? Now’s the occasion to put that theory to the test.

And it’s going to be particularly tough as this time it’s against the clock – and there’s six hidden things to find.

In a brand new brain teaser, people are transported to an exhilarating countryside road trip.

The busy scene features a packed road full of two cars, a yellow taxi and a bus in the background. 

But among the vehicles, there’s also some surprise guests – as six animals are roaming the nearby streets and fields. 

The challenge? Find all of the animals in the image, created by airport transfer and car hire experts Hoppa.

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And there is a strict time limit of just 25 seconds – or else you’ve failed and will need to start again.

While many people give up before the buzzer goes off, others have found it much more difficult than they first thought.

So if you’re struggling to identify the cute animals, we’re here to offer a helping hand.

Firstly, you’re looking for a frog, some ducks, some rabbits, a deer, a snake and a tortoise. 

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Secondly, it’s important to note that two of the creatures are already on the road.

Meanwhile, some are camouflaged into their surroundings.

So take specific note of the front, left-hand tree and smaller trees in the background. 

And if you’re still searching for clues, try focusing your attention on the occupied zebra crossing at the back of the snap.

That’s right – the tortoise has just made its way across the crossing, while the deer and rabbits are blended into the greenery.

Elsewhere towards the front of the image, there’s a snake slithering on a nearby tree trunk, and a frog poking out of the bottom left hand scenery.

And the final two animals are situated to the side of the blue car on the road, and behind the suitcases in a nearby bush.

This comes after several other brain teasers left people scratching their heads in search of the answer.

Firstly, can you spot the hidden trophy among the world flags? And can you beat the average time? 

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