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A GARDENER has revealed the natural method you can use to keep slugs from nibbling at your favourite plants, and it's prime time to do it.

The rainy weather typically draws out slugs, and many might find their way to your garden for a spot of lunch.

But fortunately, there's an easy gardening hack to stop them and you probably already have it in your kitchen.

An avid gardener took to Facebook asking others for advice on keeping slugs at bay from her prized dahlias.

The gardening whizz revealed she had tried a whole bunch of products to get rid of them to no avail.

There was one hack that did the trick and she couldn't wait to share it.


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She wrote: “I have to share this win – I can confirm garlic water instantly repels and keeps the slugs and snails away!

“I have not been able to get my dahlias to grow at all this year, as soon as there was a shoot it was eaten. 

“Having a dog I needed pet-friendly options. I tried wool pellets, copper tape, gel, and midnight hunts but I could not get rid of them. I made a garlic water spray once a day and it worked brilliantly. I'm just so pleased it works.”

Group members took to the comments to share their thought on this hack and many were in favour of it.

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Michelle Kelly wrote: “Brilliant, this brings me much hope that the garlic spray I made earlier today will save my dahlias. I've lost so many already.”

Alex Duxbury said: “I think I read once that was what the gardeners use at Buckingham Palace to look after their gardens and keep pests away.”

Deborah Davies commented: “My Dad tried mixing garlic paste with water this year and watering his hostas with it and yes it worked.”

Karen Quinn said: “Garlic spray definitely helps on hostas but I hadn't thought to try it on the dahlias. Thank you.”

Gardening expert over at the Guardian, James Wong revealed Allicin is a defence compound created by garlic bulbs which both repels and kills slugs and snails.

To harness this, simply put a bulb of garlic in a litre of water and blitz it in a food processor. 

Leave for ten minutes and strain and put into a spray bottle to mist over the plants.

You can buy a bulb of garlic for 24p in Sainsbury's.

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