Pink-loving gypsy reveals unusual reason she wore black for a year – & that included sporting belly-baring crop tops | The Sun

A WOMAN who loves being a Barbie and wearing pink has revealed why she stopped for an entire year.

Charlotte Ann, regularly shares snippets of her life and culture within the gypsy community.

Charlotte, who is well known for her love of Barbie and all things pink revealed there was a time when she stopped and wore only black for an entire year.

Posting to TikTok, she said: "Why are my outfits always black? Traveller edition."

the red-head beauty revealed there was a very good reason for ditching her usual colourful wardrobe.

She explained that in their culture the women wear black clothes for 12 months after a family member has died to signify they are in mourning.


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"It is to show respect to the person that died and to show the world you are in mourning," she added.

Charlotte added that depending on how close you were to the person who died you may only wear black for three months.

In the clip, she showed an array of images of herself dressed in all-black outfits.

In one she wore a fluffy black coat and in another, she dressed up in a tight crop top and shorts set.

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Another saw her black crop top and black leather trousers.

The clip posted to her TikTok account @charlotteann00 garnered a wide response from followers who shared their own traditions.

One person wrote: "For us, it’s 40 days to a year."

Another commented: "That's so sweet though, lovely tradition."

"I learnt something new, I love learning about new cultures," penned a third.

Charlotte has made a name for herself on TikTok as she continues to educate people on the traveller and gypsy community and the prejudice they still face.

In another clip, Charlotte debunked a common misconception people had about matchmaking within her community.

While many assume there are lots of arranged marriages, Charlotte revealed it couldn't be further from the truth.

She also hit back at mean trolls who claimed her community didn't pay their way.

But Charlotte, who is a social care worker pointed out that the woman couldn't have been more wrong.

She revealed that just because she left school at the age of 11, following gypsy traditions, it didn't mean she had no qualifications.

Charlotte explained: "I have a list of qualifications, I also work in the health and social sector, and I'm a support worker for people with learning disabilities.

"Before that, I was in dementia care and I also done palliative care.

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"Yes, I only went to primary school because that's the cultural norm in my community but you can learn on the job."

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