People say my fake eyelashes are too long and natural makeup is better – if I wanted their advice, I'd ask for it | The Sun

A BEAUTY influencer has hit back at critics who’ve made negative comments about her extreme look.

Princess Jessica (@fattybutbaddie) took to TikTok to mock people who have tried to convince her to stop wearing fake eyelashes.

She has racked up over 8,000 followers on the social media platform with makeup tutorials and posts sharing her latest beauty purchases.

Princess responded to unsolicited opinions about her appearance after becoming fed up with the constant critiques.

She played gibberish and lip-synced “shut the f**k up” while moving her hand in a blah-blah gesture. 

“Me when someone says my lashes are too long, my makeup is too much & natural is better,” read the text over the video.

Princess had vibrant pink hair and exaggerated false eyelashes, paired with glossy pink lipstick as part of her bold makeup look.

She wore a Hello Kitty top and pink nail varnish which isn’t unusual as she is known for having a colorful sense of style.

“Nah because for real I don’t care [eye roll] if I wanted advice I’d ask for it bruh,” she added in the caption.

Princess included a variety of hashtags such as #makeup, #eyelashes, #mua, #unsolicitedadvice, #mindyourbusiness, and #worryaboutyourself. 

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The video racked up hundreds of views with people in hysterics and admitting they have the same reaction when someone comments on their makeup.

“Dead a** lol,” one wrote.

“Frrrrrr [for real],” another commented.

The video came after a makeup tutorial revealing how to recreate her dramatic look using the Chucky X Glamlite palette.

Viewers were in awe of Princess’s “stunning” finished makeup and commented about being eager to try her colorful combinations themselves.

She previously shared her favorite outfits and a series of fashion hauls with items embracing her love of the color pink.

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