I'm living proof there IS such a thing as too much Botox – I can barely open my mouth and when I smile, it’s terrifying | The Sun

SHE just wanted to get rid of her frown lines and make her face a little slimmer.

But one woman has issued an urgent warning to any Botox fans, as she insisted that she's proof you can take the wrinkle-paralysing injections too far.

"This is a PSA because you might not think you can, but you can take Botox too far," Jenny said in a video on her TikTok page.

"Because I love my Botox but I have taken it too far. And now I never look happy and I regret it."

While she "loved" the results of the Botox the first two times, 25-year-old Jenny said she'd had a few adjustments made the third time, and now hates the way she looks.

The first two times, she had it in her forehead, in her frown lines, in her brows to "lift it all" up, and in her masseters.

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But the most recent time, she also had some injected at the side of her eyes, "to stop it curling under as much".

And she also wondered if the injections in her masseters – to stop her clenching her jaw and grinding her teeth, as well as slimming down her face – had affected her smile.

"I don't look happy anymore," she sighed.

"When I smile, my mouth doesn't go up anymore, it just goes out – I can barely open my mouth.

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"I've got a small mouth anyway but I used to be able to open it a lot more.

She'd also had the "tiniest bit of a lip flip" on the latest appointment – 0.5ml.

"Which, if you know Botox, is literally nothing," she said.

"I look so bad. Resting is fine, but then the second I try to talk or move I look scary, I don't look happy," Jenny continued.

"When I laugh there's no emotion in my face."

She asked for people's advice on where she went wrong and what to ask for next time, as she added: "So I didn't think you can take it too far, but I have, and I don't like it, and now I've got to wait three months til it wears off.

"And in the meantime I'm just going to look scary and grumpy and can barely smile.

"I smile a lot, I smile all the time and now I look scary when I smile."

In the caption, Jenny added: "Help me pls, and also don’t do what I did, you can take it too far and then have to spend 3 months with a downwards smile.

"BUT if you do have any other questions about botox im happy to answer because i LOVED the first two times."

One person in the comments section insisted she'd figured out what had happened, writing: "Hey! I’m a Nurse Injector.

"They have hit the risorius muscle unfortunately when having your masseter botox.

"As it’s happened on both sides, it’s likely down to where they have injected."

"Yessss!" another added.

"I had this, it’s from masseter, you have to wait until it wears off.

"Never have I had mine done again."

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As a third wrote: "I also had this with masseter Botox- I smiled like Wallace and gromit.

"But wore off quite quickly, I just chewed gum constantly to get rid!"

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