I’m a gardening fan – my clever ‘wine bottle’ hack will keep your garden fresh and watered as the heatwave continues | The Sun

A GARDENING fan has shared how she created a self-watering system for her plants using just a wine bottle. 

Plus it’s perfect if your plants need more attention than you can give them during the hot weather.

Christine Lan shared her hack in a TikTok video online. 

She said: “I use this wine bottle as a DIY irrigation system to water this plant because my hose can't get here.”

Obviously you want your wine bottle to be empty and rinsed through for this hack to work. 

You fill the bottle up with water and quickly dunk into the soil next to your plants in your garden that need watering. 

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Christine said: “Flipping the bottle upside down is the secret here – it's like a built-in control valve for water.”

“The water doesn't gush out because of the way it's angled.”

You’ll want to make sure the wine bottle is at a 90 degree angle so completely upside down.

“Rather than all the water gushing into the soil in one go, it's a gradual and gentle release over the course of a few days.”

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The wine bottle acts as a drip system and waters your plant over time – up to about four days.

Christine says: “It slowly drips into the soil when it needs it, and after four days it has a bit of water left.”


“This slow and steady approach gives your plant the chance to take in the water bit by bit, allowing it to seep through the soil and reach the roots exactly as needed. It's kind of like your plant's personalised hydration process.”

This irrigation system is ideal during hot weather because it means you don’t have to spend a lot of time watering your plants. 

This is also a great hack to use when you don’t have access to a hose or when you're spending a long time away from your plants. 

Christine said: “Some people say they even use this trick when they go on vacation. This way their plants can stay hydrated when they can't tend to them.”

The gardening fan’s video racked up over 768,000 views. 

One user said: “These and ollas are great ways to Water when there’s a drought or active watering restrictions.”

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Another said: “Innovative.”

“Good looking out,” said a third. 

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