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A SKIN expert has revealed the three main signs of ageing most people will notice in their lives and how to combat them.

Explaining the early signs of ageing tend to show in our late 20’s and it’s from around this age people start to disconnect with their face.

Dr Shereene said in a TikTok video online that she has started seeing signs of ageing.

She said: “If are in your late 20’s early 30s, this is your first peak of and I like to say that there are three peaks of ageing in life

“In your late 20s early 30s and you notice in the past six months that your face isn't quite right it's normal they're at first peak hits us around 28, 29, 30."

Shereene explains this is the first point in most people's lives they start to see signs of collagen depletion.

She said: “When the combination of the loss of collagen and your bone structure is beginning to recede, it starts to take a toll on our face.”

By 40 most people see even further signs of ageing.

The skin pro: “The second peak of Life happens slightly faster over the course of a month around 38 39 40. It hit me in March where you're like are those jowls? And why does my face feel like it's down here and the rest is back here.

“I need to go through a wind tunnel to pick up my face.

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She said: “The last peak, well I call it the last peak not because of your done after that but because most people tend to accept their fate after that or do something about it, happens in your mid 40s-ish around 44-45."

At this point Shereene says some patients find their face unrecognisable.


The beauty pro said: “I’ve had patients coming to my office and tell me overnight I will come and I don't recognize myself.”

Now while it is inevitable for people to age there are things you can do to slow down the signs.

Dr Shereene has previously said you should look for ingredients that boost collagen and start using them in your 20’s.

Your routine should include retinols and vitamin C for a healthy glow, it’s good to make sure you are exfoliating preferably chemically for good cell turnover.

Make sure you are protecting your skin from the sun everyday with SPF to help stop ageing signs as well.

Dr Shereene video racked up over 40,000 views online and many viewers said the signs of ageing they saw were scary.

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One user said: “YUP! At 28, I felt it.”

Another said: “true! 28 my face went from chubby cheeks round face to a squarish face overnight! then around 38-39 couldn't recognise my face!! very strange.”

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