I'm a 34B and don't like the 'cheesy cleavage' most push-ups give – I'm in shock at how good the Skims bra looks | The Sun

A SKIMS shopper has shared her surprise at the brand's new push-up bra.

The self-described push-up bra critic modeled the item for her followers.

In her video, TikTok user Josi (@josipellicano) revealed that she wears a cup size 34B.

The content creator also explained to her followers that she had a boob job.

Josi told viewers she purchased the $58 Teardrop push-up bra in the color Ochre.

Before trying on the item, she said: "I’ve never really been a huge push-up bra person because I always just felt that they were really uncomfortable.

"Before my boob job, I would wear them all the time obviously to make myself look like I had bigger boobs but they were really uncomfortable so I steered away from them.

"Even now that I have my boobs done I never wear them just because I feel like they make my cleavage go up to my chin," Josi explained.

She told her followers that there was often "spillage over the side" and she thought she looked crazy.

However, Josi said she was still excited to try on the latest Skims release.

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"I’m going to try this on because I know they did a ton of research in developing this bra," she said.

Sharing her first impressions, she told viewers: "OK, this bra is insane, I’m honestly in shock at how good it is.

"It is so comfortable, it doesn’t give me that cheesy cleavage and it makes my boobs look so symmetrical and round," she added.

Josi tested the bra under a baby tee, which she pointed out was made from a "really thin and stretchy material."

"There are no lines, it looks so good, I am in love, it’s definitely a must-have," she concluded.

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