I wore Crocs under a posh gown on my wedding day… people ask me why on earth would I do that but the answer is simple | The Sun

A BRIDE has revealed the simple reason she had opted for a pair of Crocs on her wedding day – and it's nothing to do with comfort.

Finding the perfect footwear for your nuptials can be just as frustrating as organising the ceremony itself – however, one woman, Kaitlin Bassett, believed she had managed to achieve just that and arrived to her wedding wearing… white Crocs.

Instead of bedazzled high heels, the 24-year-old, from Wales, had decided to style her posh wedding gown with the comfortable sandal, often worn by gardening enthusiasts.

Kaitlin, who tied the knot earlier this year and shared adorable snaps on TikTok, looked incredible in her bride's outfit, which she had completed with a gorgeous veil and a stunning hairdo.

The newlyweds even posed for a cheeky photo, where Kaitlin proudly shared her comfortable footwear, the video revealed.

But the unusual fashion choice hasn't gone unnoticed by many, as the bride said she gets asked the same question over and over again – ''why did you wear Crocs on your wedding day?''



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The answer, the 24-year-old stunner recently explained on her platform, was simple -and no, it's nothing to do with painful blisters or being clumsy in heels.

According to Kaitlin, she had opted for the sandals for a different reason.

''Because it's iconic – and I love to do iconic s**t,'' the bride told her followers using a quote from the Kardashians.

Needless to say, the decision to ditch high heels for a pair of Crocs has been deemed a hit amongst the 147k social media users who viewed the video.

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One person chuckled: ''You bet I’m getting married in Crocs! Dare someone to stop me!''

Another chimed in: ''I had my Sliders on after my first dance.''

''I wore Crocs, on my wedding day. Back in October. Best decision ever!'' a third shared.

''I wore fluffy slides, best decision! no numb toes for me,'' someone else chuckled.

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However, it is different because its interior is lined with soft faux fur, keeping your feet warm and toasty this winter.

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