I paid £507 for a massive Amazon returns pallet and bagged a whopping 215 items, including DIY tools and fancy lamps | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed she bought a massive pallet of returned items and found a huge array of trinkets inside. 

Mia Maples often uses her social media to showcase some of her experiments, from testing viral TikTok cleaning products to trying celebrity brands.

And in one video, she decided to pay £507 for a giant Amazon returns box to see what people decided they didn’t like the look of. 

Dressed in a pair of jogging bottoms with a grey jumper on top, she told viewers: “I paid $615 for this massive box of returned items, let’s see what’s inside.”

Mia and her muml then set about taking the contents of the boxes out, as she said: “I had no idea what to expect, but was shocked to find a lot of amazing items.”

Taking out a small turquoise pot, she then revealed a tea steeping mug alongside a collection of pans. 

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“There was a ton of kitchenware, mostly in good shape – with the exception of a few broken plates here and there,” she went on. 

Setting up an array of trinkets on a table, viewers could see forks, a chopping machine, food weighing accessories and more. 

She went then picked up a red box, which said ‘5-piece drywall repair kit’ on it as she said: “Some we got the most of was surprisingly these improvement tools.” 

Her dad could then be seen taking tapeout one box as he said: “Oh my God, it never ends! We’ve got tape forever.” 

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Mia and her mum, meanwhile, set up several lamps they found in different boxes – testing them to ensure they all worked properly. 

“You best believe we spent multiple hours testing all these electronics,” she said. 

YouTuber @miamaples also found storage units as well as small shoe stands, which she said were “perfectly fine”. 

“Since this box was $615 (£507) and there were 215 items inside, that brings the cost per unit to $2.86 (£2.36)”. 

People were quick to comment on the post as one person wrote: “Please tell me where/how to purchase these?? I’ve found several scamming sites but I legit have always wanted to buy return pallets!” 

Another said: “That's worth it!! Nice!! How did you get them?? Is there a website that just sells returned packages?”

While a third added: “But then what do you do with all the stuff you don't need,” to which another person responded: “She donates almost all of it”. 

Fancy getting one yourself? Find out how to get your hands on Amazon return pallets here.

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