I have a body shaped like an Airpod – shopping with big boobs is a struggle, I have a bone to pick with Urban Outfitters | The Sun

AFTER an unsatisfactory shopping expedition, one fashionista decided she had a bone to pick with one brand in particular.

Shopping with big boobs has always been a struggle, she admitted, but she could only laugh in the face of the tops she tried on.

She said one of them even made her body look like an AirPod.

After her failed shopping trip, Elesia Vera (@elesia_nicole) said she wanted to confront the retailer.

“I have a bone to pick with Urban Outfitters," she said, because of her struggles finding something that fitted her body shape.

She was a large cup but with a small band: “Big cup, lil bust," she wrote.

This style fan has142,000 followers on her TikTok.

On her platform, she shares her love of: “Realistic fashion and lifestyle.”

She didn't hold back on her feelings when it came to these tops.

Baby Doll Cami – $39

First to try on was a black Baby Doll Cami, with lacy fabric and a sheer and floaty bodice.

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“Starting off strong," she initially thought, but there was a problem.

"One sudden movement and I’m popping out of this thing."

But there was worst to come: “You can’t tell, but the underboob is under-boobing," she despaired.

One reviewer rated it highly. But she was smaller-chested.

"I love this top. It’s so cute and fits me perfectly. I am on the smaller chest size, and it has enough support to wear without a bra."

Bow Cami – $39

Next, it was the turn of a midriff-baring peach-colored Bow Cami top.

It was finished with an oversized bow at the front.

It was not a hit for our TikToker: “This top did me so dirty," she figured.

"Bringing back the uni-boob.” She quickly moved on to the next item.

Satin Flyaway Top – $49

This pale peach Satin Flyaway garment was super-feminine.

Floaty and strapless, it came with black tie detail at the front.

But she looked shocked when she saw her reflection.

“This is a sick joke. This doesn’t even cover half of it. No support whatsoever."

Nonetheless, she couldn't dismiss it completely: "Still kind of slayed.”

Modern Love Corset – $39

Finally, it was the turn of something a bit more structured in the form of this Modern Love Corset.

Her initials thoughts were vaguely positive: “From the front she’s not that bad."

But, from the side, it was another story altogether.

“From the side she’s giving AirPod,” she said.

One reviewer didn't like it either: "There was absolutely no way it would fit. The boob would have been covered an eighth of the way. no joke."

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One commenter could see the funny side of things.

“I’m laughing out loud because the first one you put on I said out loud, ‘absolutely not.'”

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