I got married at 18 – people said it was a mistake but they're wrong, he makes triple what I do and never tells me no | The Sun

A BRIDE who was married at 18 seems to have ruffled a few people's feathers, but this happy bride wouldn't change a thing.

Getting married was the best thing she ever did and people are wrong to call it a mistake, she said.

What's more, her husband makes triple what she does and never tells her no.

Redhead Samantha Vicha (@samantha.vicha) has no doubts about her decision.

This married lady boasts a following of over 317,000 on her TikTok.

But some members of her following don't understand why she wanted to marry so young and have been vocal in their disapproval.

“Getting married at 18 is a huge mistake," was one she shared in her post.

Samantha, however, was undiminished by such comments.

“Definitely not a mistake," she said with confidence.

She has remained very happy with her decision to marry so young.

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In another video, she figured there was nothing to complain about.

“How it feels marrying someone five years older and makes triple what I make. And he never tells me no," she said.

Her post had a huge amount of interest attracting over 228,000 likes.

It also stirred up a lot of comments. Many demonstrated that marrying young was not unusual.

“Me and my husband are 20 and 21 and we got married at 18 and 19. Now we have a house and a three-week-old son. Believe it or not, sometimes young married just works out," said one woman.

But there was a polar view from another person: “Early marriages tend to lead to dissatisfaction later in life because you spent the best times of your years dating one person without experiencing [anything else].”

It was a similar reaction from one more viewer: “Marriage is a big thing and people change a lot in their twenties. You have forever to be married no need to rush."

But this wasn't the case for one couple: “My parents were married at 18. Now, 36 years later, I’ve never seen two people more in love than them.”

And for yet another commenter, marrying young came with its downside, usually from other people: “But nothing prepares you for the judgment that comes with it.”

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