I got dress-coded working at Barnes & Noble – everyone has guesses as to why, from my jeans to my top | The Sun

A BOOKSELLER has been left frustrated after she was dress-coded by her employer for a seemingly appropriate outfit.

She asked viewers to guess what the fashion issue was, and the answers were all over the place.

When she got dressed for work in the morning, Barnes & Noble employee Brie (@brieyounglove) clearly didn’t think anything was wrong with her outfit.

That’s why she was annoyed with the store for calling her out.

“I work at Barnes And Noble and got dress-coded. Can you spot what’s wrong?” she began in the clip.

The young blond stepped away from the camera to reveal her full fit.

She wore a short-sleeve, black graphic tee that was tied in a knot above a pair of white fitted jeans that featured small slits at the knees.

To give viewers the full picture, she turned around and even raised her foot to show that she was wearing flat white sneakers.

With her short hair ironed straight and reading glasses on her face, there seemed to be nothing unusual about her look.

Brie didn’t understand what was wrong, raising her arms in confusion as the voiceover said: “I can’t make this s**t up. What the f**k?”

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Viewers got to guessing what could be considered inappropriate for a workplace.

“Ripped jeans,” one suggested.

“T-shirt printing,” assumed a second, with another echoing, “Shirt can be ‘scary’ to customers. Love the fit though.”

A fourth hopped on the T-shirt guess, explaining why: “You know I was watching Barnes And Noble videos, and one said they can’t wear graphic tees depending on the store, so it could be that.”

Another listed a few potential reasons: “I’m going to guess either the ripped jeans, the no belt, or the way you’ve tied your shirt. Cute outfit though.”

And someone else just came to her defense: “Honestly I don’t see anything wrong.”

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