I found the perfect high street dupe of a Kilian designer perfume – it’ll save you £160 | The Sun

A BEAUTY whizz has revealed she's found the perfect dupe of a designer perfume that will save you over a hundred pounds.

Sari Friedman took to social media ecstatic to share her budget find with fellow perfume lovers.

Thousands of people viewed the video to see how they could get Kilian's angel share scent for a fraction of the price.

She said: "I'm about to save you a whole chunk of money.

"If you were like me and you love Kilian Angel Share, but you cannot stomach the price tag 'cause she's fancy and expensive."

The cheap dupe can be found on the high street in Zara for just £22.99.

"Run to Zara, buy Nocturnal Life," she added.

The Kilian perfume costs £185 at the moment – whereas Zara's is just £22.99 – saving you over £160.

"You're welcome, Sari continued.

"It legit smells the exact same. It's a little less boozy, a touch sweeter, but the DNA, identical."

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According to it's scent notes – Nocturnal Life has a top note of Bergamot, middle notes of Cinnamon and Juniper Berries and base notes of Incense, creating a spicy and sweet scent.

Angel Share has notes of Cognac, Cinnamon, Tonka Bean and Sandalwood.

While the less expensive scent doesn't have the warmth of the alcohol note – Sari says they are practically identical.

"Zara's dupe for Kilian Angel's Share is spot on," she captioned the post.

The video has since gone viral on her TikTok account @sarilittlefriedman with over 60k views and over 2,900 likes.

People were quick to take to the comments thanking her for sharing the bargain buy.

One person wrote: "She smells so good I only had a decant of angels share and I felt it was too boozy for me but Zara version I completely adored."

Another commented: "The Zara red temptation is also such a good dupe for baccarat rouge."

"OMG I want it, does the smell last long?" asked a third.

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"Not as long as Angel Share but good. I'll bring it to the office for you to try," replied Sari.

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