I didn't want to wait to get my tacky ring tattoo lasered so I had it CUT out – people say it’s my own fault | The Sun

A WOMAN who didn't want to wait to have her tacky ring tattoo lasered off has revealed she had it cut out instead.

Laser removal is by far the most common method of getting rid of unwanted inkings, although it can be a lengthy, painful and expensive process.

So for those who don't have time to go through the lasering process, there's another option – tattoo excision.

Skin surgery company UK Skin took to TikTok to share a video of a woman who'd opted to have the etching cut out, writing over the top: "POV, you don't have time to wait for laser tattoo removal".

In the video, the woman was seen with a marker drawing around her tattoo, before she had some anaesthetic injected into the area.

After everything was cleaned, the surgeon got to work cutting the tattoo out, before stitching up the area.

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"A faster way to remove your tattoos," they captioned the video.

But people in the comments section weren't convinced by the controversial method – with many insisting the woman should have thought twice before even getting the tattoo.

"Or never get a tattoo," one wrote.

"This is why I haven’t put any tattoos on my body, cause I don’t want to regret it in the future," another added.

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"Nooo the scar is not worth it," a third wrote.

"Uhhhh seems excessive," someone else insisted.

"How do u close ur hand?" another asked.

To which UK Skin replied: "She will be in a splint until the stitches are out."

"So you’d rather the permanent scar!? Please make it make sense," someone else commented.

And others insisted laser would have been much easier – especially as the inking was so small in the first place.

"What?" one wrote.

"Like your prefer to cut your skin rather than do 2 sessions of laser??

"Hell no and it was so tiny!"

"So you would rather have no laser done on your tattoo but now you have a scar on your finger so you’ll have to have laser on that?" another asked.

As a third wrote: "It’s just a little initial, it won’t take up to 3 sessions of laser."

But some people were more accepting of the concept.

"Dunno why people are mad," one wrote.

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"This actually seems like a good idea & the scar will look so cool."

While another added: "The tattoo was ugly anyways. Faster and less painful."

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