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WE'RE more than half way through Fabulous'12 Days of Sexmas Challenge – but we're certainly not slowing down.

After yesterday's pleasurable Butterfly sex position, which marked day seven of our raunchy advent countdown, we've got another position for you to try out.

The Eagle has been on the rise in recent years – with Love Island star Curtis Pritchard even declaring it was his favourite way to get steamy under the sheets.

But there's actually a few different variations of The Eagle – so there's a chance you may have done this position without even realising the name of it.

Up first, there's the spread eagle. Most likely to be compared to Missionary, this is where one partner lies on their back with their legs spread apart or spread eagle.

Next, the exposed eagle sees the penetrating partner sitting on a flat surface and spreading their legs. The receiving partner then climbs on top.

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From this position, to get into the exposed eagle, the receiving partner will arch backward and lie on top of their partner's legs.

You can slide their legs down to either side of your partner's hips if you need extra stability.

This variation is said to be better for stimulating the G-spot.

Another type of eagle is the soaring eagle – ideal for those who like to show off their flexibility in the bedroom.

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Firstly, the receiving partner lies on their back and bends their legs as far as possible.

The penetrating partner will then lean across them as if they are about to start doing press-ups.

This position can be done vaginally or anally – but you should be sure to start slow and build-up.

Finally, if you're looking for a real challenge, there's the standing eagle.

This is the same as the above, but instead of lying down, you're standing up – usually against a wall. With both partners standing – one will then wrap a leg around the other.

As well as The Butterfly, we've shared intimate details of many other positions that promise to reignite the spark between you and your lover.

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While Day one of the challenge started in style when we showed you toThe Speed Bump – which is great for those looking for maximum orgasms with minimal effort.

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Up next? Strap in, as it's time for The Helicopter… .

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